Medical Quiz

Healthy Living Quiz


After how many minutes should you exercise after food?

A. 17 mins

B. 39mins

C. 20mins

D. 65 mins

What comes first?

A. Stomach

B. Oesophagus

What disease would you get when you smoke?

A. Pancreatitous

B. Stomach Cancer

C. Abdominal Pain

D. Lung Disease

What should you eat for breakfast?

A. Nutella on toast

B. Chocolate and strawberry pancakes

C. Cereal

D. Sweets and Chocolate

Eating an apple is right.

Is that person right or wrong?

A. right

B. wrong

C. maybe

D. don’t know

What cookies should you eat?

A. Chocolate Chip

B. Raisin

C. Caramel

D. Double chocolate chip

How many times should you eat protein a day?

A. 7

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

What is the healthiest thing to do on the weekend?

A. Go to you friends house and play video games

B. Play football with your family

C. Play football with your friends

D. Have a lie in.


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