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Nail Enhancement Quiz


What are preformed nail extensions made from ABS or tenite plastic?

A. Nail forms

B. Linen wraps

C. Nail tips

D. Gel products

What term describes any art or design that protrudes from the nail?

A. 2-D nail art

B. 3-D nail art

C. Graphic nail art

D. Sculptured nail art

A very thin-viscosity gel that is used as an alternative to traditional nail lacquers is ____________.

A. a pigmented gel

B. a self-leveling gel

C. a gel polish

D. a lacquer gel

The initiator added to polymer powder to start the chain reaction of curing the nail enhancements is _______.

A. Hydrogen peroxide

B. Benzoyl peroxide

C. Synthetic peroxide

D. Catalyst booster

When gel polish is finished curing, a ______________ can be applied over it to create a high, lustrous shine.

A. gel polish

B. gloss gel

C. bonding gel

D. building gel

Nail tips are attached to the nail plates by using a:

A. cotton-tipped wooden pusher

B. small nail brush

C. stop, rock, and hold procedure

D. stop, rock, and slide procedure

Natural oil and shine are removed from the nail plate with:

A. antibacterial soap

B. an abrasive

C. an adhesive

D. nail wrap

A ________________ is recommended to refine the surface contour for UV or LED gel nails.

A. nonabrasive

B. metal file

C. medium or fine abrasive

D. harsh or coarse abrasive

Which of these products is used to increase adhesion of UV or LED gels to the natural nail plate?

A. Nail primer

B. Nail adhesive

C. Bonding gel

D. Nail cleanser

Sculptured nails are created by combining monomer liquid with _________.

A. Polymer adhesive

B. Polymer resin

C. Polymer powder

D. Acrylic powder

The amount of polymer powder and liquid monomer used to create a product bead is called the _______.

A. Initiator

B. Catalyst

C. Positive ratio

D. Mix ratio

_____ primers were developed because acid-based nail primer is corrosive to the skin and potentially dangerous to the eyes.

A. Acid free and non acid

B. Polymer

C. Acetone

D. Monomer

Gel polish _________________.

A. thickens over time

B. thins out over time

C. does not dry the same as lacquers

D. has an odor

Monomer liquid and polymer powder should be stored separately in covered containers in _________.

A. A regular cabinet

B. The nail technicians station

C. A cool, dark area

D. Well lit, antiseptic room

If a client has flat fingernails, which type of product would be recommended?

A. Building gel

B. Bonding gel

C. Self-leveling gel

D. Glossing gel

The bonding agent used to secure the nail tip to the natural nail is:

A. nail tip adhesive

B. super glue

C. adhesive product 

D. resin activator

A thin, elongated board with a rough surface is called a/an:

A. abrasive

B. adhesive

C. buffer

D. file

Damage to the natural nail can be reduced when applying nail tips by:

A. using a coarse abrasive

B. buffing nail wraps 

C. applying resin activator

D. pre-blending nail tips

If a light unit has four bulbs in it, and each bulb is 9-watts, then the lamp is called a ________________ lamp.

A. 3-watt

B. 7-watt

C. 11-watt

D. 36 watt

As monomer liquid absorbs polymer powder, the chemical interaction produces a small ______.

A. Bead of product

B. Dry catalyst

C. Synthetic product

D. Positive reaction

Light cured gels ____________.

A. have a strong odor

B. do not file easily

C. can be easy to maintain

D. are difficult to apply

When using the brush to shape the enhancement on the free edge area, use ______.

A. The middle portion of the brush

B. The tip of the brush

C. The end of the brush

D. Long strokes

A _____ is a buffer used to create high shine on a natural nail or a nail enhancement when no polish will be worn.

A. Coarse grit

B. Medium grit

C. Fine grit

D. Shiner

What is the most common UV bulb on the market?

A. Four-watt

B. Nine-watt

C. Seven-watt

D. Twelve-watt

The tacky surface left on the nail after a UV or LED gel has cured is called the _____________ layer.

A. inhibition

B. contour

C. adhesion

D. primary


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