Nail Enhancement Quiz


What are preformed nail extensions made from ABS or tenite plastic?

A. Nail forms

B. Linen wraps

C. Nail tips

D. Gel products

A tip is very weak without the addition of a/an:

A. well

B. adhesive

C. resin activator

D. overlay

The tacky surface left on the nail after a UV or LED gel has cured is called the _____________ layer.

A. inhibition

B. contour

C. adhesion

D. primary

Light cured gels ____________.

A. have a strong odor

B. do not file easily

C. can be easy to maintain

D. are difficult to apply

An artificial nail made of ABS plastic that is adhered to the natural nail to add length is called:

A. an overlay

B. a nail wrap

C. an acrylic nail

D. a nail tip

A thin, elongated board with a rough surface is called a/an:

A. abrasive

B. adhesive

C. buffer

D. file

When applying nail enhancements, surface moisture and natural oils left on the nail plate will ________.

A. Block adhesion

B. Improve adhesion

C. Condition nails

D. Hydrate skin

Damage to the natural nail can be reduced when applying nail tips by:

A. using a coarse abrasive

B. buffing nail wraps 

C. applying resin activator

D. pre-blending nail tips

The initiator added to polymer powder to start the chain reaction of curing the nail enhancements is _______.

A. Hydrogen peroxide

B. Benzoyl peroxide

C. Synthetic peroxide

D. Catalyst booster

The thickest nails adhesives that require more drying time are: 

A. gels 

B. liquids

C. creams

D. brush-ons

Which of these UV or LED gels cannot be removed with a solvent?

A. Hard UV or LED gels

B. Soft UV or LED gels

C. UV and LED self-leveling gels

D. UV and LED gloss gel

A specialized acrylic monomer that has excellent adhesion to the natural nail place and polymerizes in second is called:

A. accelerator

B. cyanoacrylate

C. dehydrator

D. activator

A _____ is a buffer used to create high shine on a natural nail or a nail enhancement when no polish will be worn.

A. Coarse grit

B. Medium grit

C. Fine grit

D. Shiner

When gel polish is finished curing, a ______________ can be applied over it to create a high, lustrous shine.

A. gel polish

B. gloss gel

C. bonding gel

D. building gel

Sculptured nails are created by combining monomer liquid with _________.

A. Polymer adhesive

B. Polymer resin

C. Polymer powder

D. Acrylic powder

Introducing air into the gel as you apply it to the fingernail will ________________.

A. help prevent cracking

B. help the gel to cure more evenly

C. give the nail a shinier appearance

D. reduce the strength of the cured gel

Nail tips are applied for the purpose of: 

A. repairing a damaged nail 

B. overlays a gel

C. adding length to a nail

D.  overlays for acrylics

The ____ serves as the point of contact with the nail plate.

A. nail tip 

B. nail wrap 

C. nail well

D. nail resin

Which of these is a thick-viscosity resin that allows the cosmetologist to build an arch and curve into the fingernail?

A. Building gel

B. Soft UV or LED gel

C. Pigmented gel

D. Bonding gel

Which product removes surface moisture and tiny amounts of oil left on the natural nail plate?

A. Nail adhesive

B. Nail dehydrator

C. Gel primer

D. Cleansing solution

The product used to remove moisture and oil from the surface of the nail is called:

A. an oil remover

B. soap and water

C. a dehydrator

D. polish thinner

A layer of any kind of nail enhancement product that is applied over the tips is known as:

A. nail tips 

B. overlays

C. underlays 

D. sculps

A closely woven, heavy material used for a nail wrap is:

A. silk

B. linen

C. fiberglass

D. paper

_____ are an alternative when a hand washing station is not available, but should not take the place of hand washing.

A. Acetones

B. Soap and water

C. Hand sanitizers

D. Detergents

Most LED lamps cure gel about four times faster than UV lamps. What do the letters LED represent?

A. Light energy direction

B. Light emitting diodes

C. Light energy diodes

D. Luminescent energy diodes


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