Joints & Movement Quiz


Fibrous joints are?

A. freely moveable

B. partially moveable

C. immovable

The following is NOT one of the 3 major joint classifications?

A. Cartilaginous

B. Ball and socket

C. Fibrous

D. Synovial

What is the function of synovial fluid in synovial joints?

A. Acts as a lubricant that reduces friction in the joint; allows for smoother movement and reduces wear and tear.

B. Surrounds and protects the joint, holding the bones together.

C. Strong, elastic fibres that hold bones together and keeps them in place

D. Strong but flexible material found at the end of the bones that acts as a cushion and reduces friction

E. Produces synovial fluid which lubricates the joint

Identify the joint action being performed.

A. Extension

B. Flexion

C. Abduction

D. Adduction