Hygiene and Nutrition Quiz


We should always keep medicine in a _____cupboard.

A. Open

B. Closed

I wash my body with___ and soap.

A. Tea

B. Milk

C. Water

We use a _____ to brush our teeth.

A. Toothbrush

B. Comb

C. Cooking stick

We should brush our______ after eating.

A. Mouth

B. Teeth

C. Nose

We should put waste in a______.

A. Dustbin

B. Pocket

We should____ our mouths while coughing.

A. Cover

B. Open

C. Wash

We go to the hospital when we are_____.

A. Sick

B. Hungry

Rotten eggs smells___.

A. Good

B. Sweet

C. Bad

Before entering the toilet we should______.

A. Knock

B. Flush

Teeth that we remove are called____ teeth.

A. Good

B. Milk

_____ makes our teeth strong.

A. Pipe

B. Sugarcane

C. Sweets

Talking while eating can cause_____

A. Drown

B. Choke

We comb our hair using a______.

A. Toothbrush

B. Comb

C. Towel

We should not_____ personal items.

A. Use

B. Share

______ treats our teeth.

A. Dentist

B. Doctor

C. Nurse

Which one is a healthy habit.

A. Brushing teeth

B. Suckling fingers

We use our____ to see.

A. Nose

B. Ears

C. Eyes

We wash our______before taking medicine.

A. Face

B. Hands

We use our___ to hear.

A. Eyes

B. Nose

C. Ears

Bathing everyday is a_____ habit.

A. Bad

B. Good

We should wash our hands____eating.

A. After

B. Before

C. When

Taking sweets can make our teeth to ____.

A. Decay

B. Smell good

We can improvise______ to make a toothbrush.

A. Plastic

B. Stick

We can get diseases if we drink____ water.

A. Clean

B. Dirty

We should_____ fruits before eating.

A. Cut

B. Wash

C. Wipe


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