Medical Quiz

Vocabulary - Health Quiz


Any lung cancer that has spread is considered _____.

A. untreated

B. curable

C. incurable

D. treatable

You seem ______ this morning, you must have a good night’s rest.

A. to be under the weather

B. to get back in shape

C. to be full of beans

D. to be up and about

Antibiotics is effective to _____ throat infection.

A. nourish

B. treat

C. remedy

D. sore

We are responsible for the ________ of all our patients.

A. healthful

B. well-being

C. symptom

D. shape

My mother has _____ heart disease, and she has to take medicine for the rest of her life.

A. chronic

B. acute

C. aching

D. unhealthy

Air pollution is a prominent cause of _____.

A. respiratory diseases

B. immune diseases

C. digestive diseases

D. acute diseases

He has had to surmount immense disabilities.

A. severe

B. uncomfortable

C. physical

D. mental

Everyone has the right to good _____ regardless of their ability to pay.

A. diagnose

B. indication

C. heathcare

D. wellness

A good, nourishing diet with plenty to drink will guard against digestive diseases.

A. nutrient

B. nutrition

C. nutritionist

D. nutritious

The _____ is our main defence against disease.

A. immune system

B. digestive system

C. respiratory system

D. circulatory system

A _____ breakfast is served and dinner and packed lunches are provided on request.

A. wholesome

B. throbbing

C. acute

D. intense

In the winter I take vitamin C to _____ colds.

A. fend

B. ward off

C. diagnose

D. injure

My grandmother’s 89, but she’s healthy.

A. as fresh as a daisy

B. as fit as a fiddle

C. as up as down

D. as strong as an ox

Mary is getting better. She should recover in a few days.

A. be as strong as an ox

B. be run down

C. be as fit as a fiddle

D. be up and about


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