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Head and Neck Anatomy Quiz


What are the two basic types of movement by the TMJ?

A. popping and crepitus

B. restricted and vertical

C. hinge and glide

D. lateral and horizontal

How many pairs of cranial nerves are connected to the brain?

A. 11

B. 12

C. 6

D. 2

What is the horseshoe shaped bone?

A. zygomatic

B. hyoid

C. sphenoid

D. palate

What bones form the upper jaw and the hard palate?

A. mental

B. buccal

C. maxilla

D. frontal

Which division of the trigeminal nerve subdivides into the buccal, lingual, and inferior alveolar nerves?

A. maxillary division

B. mandibular division

C. palatal division

D. buccal division

What bone forms the forehead?

A. mental

B. frontal

C. occipital

D. temporal

What type of examination are the lymph nodes palpated?

A. intraoral

B. periodontal

C. extraoral

D. restorative

What bone forms the cheek?

A. frontal

B. temporal

C. orbital

D. zygomatic

What artery supplies the maxillary molars, premolars, and gingiva?

A. incisive

B. anterior middle superior alveolar

C. posterior inferior alveolar

D. posterior superior alveolar

What is another name for the Parotid duct?

A. Daffy’s duct

B. Wharton’s duct

C. Stensen’s duct

D. Stillman’s duct

Which is not a region of the head?

A. frontal parietal occipital mental

B. temporal orbital nasal

C. clavicle femur xiphoid process

D. infraorbital zygomatic buccal oral

Which of the major salivary glands is the largest?

A. parotid

B. mandibular

C. sublingual

D. labial

What is the only movable bone in the skull

A. maxilla

B. zygomatic

C. mandible

D. parietal

What is incorrect about the teeth of males and females?

A. females teeth are larger

B. females teeth are more rounded

C. males teeth are larger

D. males teeth are more squared

Which is not an artery that branches from the inferior alveolar artery?

A. mental

B. incisive

C. parietal

D. mylohyoid

Which is not a symptom of TMD?

A. pain

B. joint sound

C. enlarged lymph nodes

D. limitation in movement

What is the term for enlarged or palpable lymph nodes?

A. pathology

B. lymphadenopathy

C. abscess

D. nephropathy

Which cranial nerve innervates all muscles of mastication?

A. hypoglossal

B. mandibular division of the fifth cranial nerve

C. glossopharyngeal

D. styloglossus

Where is the mental foramen located?

A. palatal side of maxilla between apices of the first and second premolar

B. left and right side of the mandible between the apices of the first and second premolars

C. center of soft palate

D. in the occipital bone


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