Medical Quiz

Therapeutic Services Roots Quiz


If a patient has a CRANIotomy, then a part of this area is being removed….

A. hand

B. skin

C. intestines

D. skull

If something is described as PORous, it means it has many

A. small openings

B. legs

C. small eyes

D. illnesses

Anter/o as in the anterior view means this

A. back

B. side

C. front

D. below

The DORSal fin is on a sharks’ ……..

A. back

B. side

C. stomach

D. tail

My chin is _________________to my eyes

A. superior

B. posterior

C. inferior

D. anterior

The doctor has ordered an X-ray using a LATERAL view of the chest. I will be x-raying this………

A. side of the chest

B. front of the chest

C. back of the chest

D. the lower chest

Medi/o is the root for this….

A. outside

B. inside

C. beginning

D. middle

ARTHRitis is an inflammation of this area of the body…….

A. stomach

B. joints

C. long bones

D. skull

KINESIology is the study of …….

A. the body

B. the endocrine system

C. muscles

D. movement

The POSTerior view is from the…….

A. back

B. front

C. side

D. top

COST/O is the root meaning this…..

A. skull

B. rib

C. cartilage

D. muscle

ORTH/o is the root meaning…..

A. straight

B. opening

C. middle

D. bones

MYOpathy is a term that refers to any disease that affects this part of the body……

A. nose

B. back

C. muscles

D. joints

OSTEOporosis is a disease of the…

A. stomach

B. pancreas

C. liver

D. bones

Scoliosis is a medical condition that means a person has a ____________ spine.

A. straight

B. crooked

C. long

D. narrow

CHONDRItis is an inflammation of this………

A. cartilage

B. skin

C. eyes

D. nerves


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