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The female part of the flower is known as the ____.

A. stamen

B. anther

C. filament

D. pistil

What is antenatal care?

A. Care of a newborn baby.

B. Specific care of a mother and foetus during the period before birth.

C. Breastfeeding.

D. How to take care of the body during ovulation.

Happens when a single parent cell divides into two daughter cells

A. mitosis

B. meiosis

Pollen tube is formed by

A. Germ pore

B. Exine

C. Style

D. Intine

Name the structure that allows production of pollen grain of a flower.

A. Filament

B. Style

C. Anther

D. Stamen

The offspring genetic information is exactly like the parents.

A. mitosis

B. meiosis

How do bacteria reproduce?

A. Spores

B. Binary Fission

C. Gametes

D. Fertilisation

Cells of nucellus are always

A. Haploid

B. Triploid

C. Diploid

D. Enucleated

Which statement describes meiosis?

A. creates 4 unique cells called Gametes from a parent cell

B. used for healing and growing

C. creates 2 identical daughter cells

Which is an advantage to sexual reproduction?

A. Requires less time and energy

B. Can adapt easily

C. More offspring produced in a short time

D. Only one parent is required

Name the leaf like green colored structure of a flower shown in the diagram?

A. ovary

B. Sepal

C. stigma

D. stamen

What cells secrete testosterone?

A. Sertoli cells

B. Spermatocytes

C. Spermatids

D. Leydig cells

Which is true about human gametes?

A. The acrosome secretes enzymes which digest a path into an egg cell.

B. Egg cells are much smaller than sperm cells.

C. Sperm cells are only released once every 4 weeks.

D. Sperm cells are surrounded by a jelly coat.

Give a disadvantage for sexual reproduction.

A. Organism must find a mate

B. Takes longer time to reproduce

C. Can prevent favorable genes from being passed down

D. all of the above

The smallest biological unit of a living organism is a _____________.

A. Cell

B. Compound

C. Element

D. Molecule

Gives an outcome of varied or diverse offspring.

A. mitosis

B. meiosis

That fusion of the male and female gamete to form a zygote is known as ? 

A. fertilisation

B. menstruation

C. pollination

D.  ejaculation

Inside the microsporangium, there is a diploid cell known as,

A. megasporangium

B. microspore

C. microsporocyte

D. generative cell

Happens when the parent’s chromosomes are halved.

A. mitosis

B. meiosis

Where is pollen made?

A. ovary

B. petal

C. pistil

D. anther

A primary spermatocytes…..

A. divide by mitosis to produce two secondary spermatocytes

B. divide by meiosis to produce two secondary spermatocytes.

C. divides by meiosis to produce four spermatids

D. divides by meiosis to produce two spermatids.

E. divides by mitosis to produce two spermatids.

Which structure pushes the developing embryo toward endosperm to get nutrition?

A. Hypophysis

B. Terminal octant

C. Proembryo

D. Suspensor

Pollen tube enters the embryo sac through

A. Integument

B. Micropyle

C. Chalaza

D. Funicle

What do you call the cell that forms from fertilization?

A. fertilized egg

B. sperm cell

C. zygote

D. egg cell

Nucellus in the seed is represented by

A. Testa

B. Pericarp

C. Tegmen

D. Seed Coat


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