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Reproduction Quiz


What is IVF?

A. Sperm is directly inserted into the uterus.

B. The egg cell is fertilised outside the body and then implanted back into the uterus.

C. A hormone.

D. When sperm is inserted into the vagina.

Each spermatid….

A. divides by meiosis to produce four sperm cells

B. divides by mitosis to produce four sperm cells

C. divides by meiosis to produce two sperm cells

D. differentiates into a sperm cell

State the ploidy level of a microsporocyte.

A. haploid

B. diploid

C. triploid

D. tetraploid

The protective cover of the radicle in maize seed is called

A. Micorhiza

B. Coleptile

C. Scutellum

D. Coleorhiza

What type of reproduction takes place when one parent organism produces offspring without meiosis and fertilization?

A. pollination

B. sexual reproduction

C. asexual reproduction

D. fertilization

Nucellus in the seed is represented by

A. Testa

B. Pericarp

C. Tegmen

D. Seed Coat

In the menstrual cycle which period is known as the menstrual phase?

A. 1 to 5 days

B. 6 to 14 days

C. 15 to 28 days

D. 14 to 15 days

Which hormone/s is produced in a female?

A. Testosterone

B. Oestrogen

C. Testosterone and Oestrogen

D. None

The embryo with 16 cells is called

A. Blastocyst

B. Blastomeres

C. Morula

D. Cleavage

What is afterbirth?

A. When the baby is being pushed out of the vagina.

B. When the cervix is dilating.

C. When contractions begin.

D. When the placenta is pushed out of the vagina.

The male part of the flower is known as the _____.

A. stamen

B. pistil

C. ovary

D. petal

Which cells provide nutrition to the sperms?

A. Germinal cells

B. Epithelial cell

C. Sertoli cell

D. Leydig Cells

What cells secrete testosterone?

A. Sertoli cells

B. Spermatocytes

C. Spermatids

D. Leydig cells

Which is false about asexual reproduction?

A. It requires only one parent

B. It requires less energy

C. Gametes are involved

D. Offspring are genetically identical

Name the leaf like green colored structure of a flower shown in the diagram?

A. ovary

B. Sepal

C. stigma

D. stamen

That fusion of the male and female gamete to form a zygote is known as ? 

A. fertilisation

B. menstruation

C. pollination

D.  ejaculation

An anther consists of

A. one microsporangium

B. four microsporangia

C. Two microsporangia

D. many microsporangia

After meiosis, each microspores will undergo mitosis two produce two haploid cells. Which cell is needed to divide again before fertilisation?

A. Microsporocyte

B. Generative cell

C. Sperm cell

D. Tube cell

Pollen tube is formed by

A. Germ pore

B. Exine

C. Style

D. Intine

Graffian follicle after ovulation produces a glandular body, it is called

A. Graffian follicle

B. Corpus luteum

C. Mass of Graafian follicle

D. both a and b

In spermatogenesis, which cells are produced at the end of the multiplication phase?

A. Primary spermatocyte

B. Spermatogonia

C. Secondary spermatocyte

D. Spermatids

Which statement describes meiosis?

A. creates 4 unique cells called Gametes from a parent cell

B. used for healing and growing

C. creates 2 identical daughter cells

Fertilized secondary nucleus develops into

A. Fruit

B. Embryo

C. Seed

D. Endosperm

Pollen tube enters the embryo sac through

A. Integument

B. Micropyle

C. Chalaza

D. Funicle

Which is an advantage to sexual reproduction?

A. Requires less time and energy

B. Can adapt easily

C. More offspring produced in a short time

D. Only one parent is required


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