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Reproduction Quiz


Which is true about human gametes?

A. The acrosome secretes enzymes which digest a path into an egg cell.

B. Egg cells are much smaller than sperm cells.

C. Sperm cells are only released once every 4 weeks.

D. Sperm cells are surrounded by a jelly coat.

Which hormone/s is produced in a female?

A. Testosterone

B. Oestrogen

C. Testosterone and Oestrogen

D. None

Which is an advantage to sexual reproduction?

A. Requires less time and energy

B. Can adapt easily

C. More offspring produced in a short time

D. Only one parent is required

Where are sperm cells produced?

A. The sperm duct

B. Glands

C. The testes

D. The scrotum

What is antenatal care?

A. Care of a newborn baby.

B. Specific care of a mother and foetus during the period before birth.

C. Breastfeeding.

D. How to take care of the body during ovulation.

Why do progesterone levels decrease if an egg is not fertilised?

A. So that the uterus lining breaks down

B. So that the egg can be implanted

C. So that the sperm will die

D. So that the woman can become pregnant

What is IVF?

A. Sperm is directly inserted into the uterus.

B. The egg cell is fertilised outside the body and then implanted back into the uterus.

C. A hormone.

D. When sperm is inserted into the vagina.

Which is false about asexual reproduction?

A. It requires only one parent

B. It requires less energy

C. Gametes are involved

D. Offspring are genetically identical

How do bacteria reproduce?

A. Spores

B. Binary Fission

C. Gametes

D. Fertilisation

What is afterbirth?

A. When the baby is being pushed out of the vagina.

B. When the cervix is dilating.

C. When contractions begin.

D. When the placenta is pushed out of the vagina.


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