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Reproduction Quiz


Name the leaf like green colored structure of a flower shown in the diagram?

A. ovary

B. Sepal

C. stigma

D. stamen

Where do you find spermatogonia?

A. Attached to the germinal epitheliium of the seminiferous tubule

B. Attached to the Sertoli cells

C. Attached to Leydig cells

D. In the epididymis

A fertilized egg is implanted where in the uterus?

A. Endometrium

B. Myometrium

C. Perimetrium

D. None of these

Where is pollen made?

A. ovary

B. petal

C. pistil

D. anther

Which cells provide nutrition to the sperms?

A. Germinal cells

B. Epithelial cell

C. Sertoli cell

D. Leydig Cells

Pollen tube is formed by

A. Germ pore

B. Exine

C. Style

D. Intine

That fusion of the male and female gamete to form a zygote is known as ? 

A. fertilisation

B. menstruation

C. pollination

D.  ejaculation

Which is true about human gametes?

A. The acrosome secretes enzymes which digest a path into an egg cell.

B. Egg cells are much smaller than sperm cells.

C. Sperm cells are only released once every 4 weeks.

D. Sperm cells are surrounded by a jelly coat.

Fertilized secondary nucleus develops into

A. Fruit

B. Embryo

C. Seed

D. Endosperm

What do you call the cell that forms from fertilization?

A. fertilized egg

B. sperm cell

C. zygote

D. egg cell

In angiosperm the endosperm nucleus is

A. Triploid

B. Diploid

C. Tetraploid

D. Haploid

What is afterbirth?

A. When the baby is being pushed out of the vagina.

B. When the cervix is dilating.

C. When contractions begin.

D. When the placenta is pushed out of the vagina.

What type of reproduction takes place when one parent organism produces offspring without meiosis and fertilization?

A. pollination

B. sexual reproduction

C. asexual reproduction

D. fertilization

Transfer of a pollen grain to the stigma of the same plant is called

A. Anatogamy

B. Geitonogamy

C. Allogamy

D. Homogamy

Graffian follicle after ovulation produces a glandular body, it is called

A. Graffian follicle

B. Corpus luteum

C. Mass of Graafian follicle

D. both a and b

Pollen tube enters the embryo sac through

A. Integument

B. Micropyle

C. Chalaza

D. Funicle

In this cell division, one diploid cell divides and makes four haploid sex cells. What do you call this special kind of cell division?

A. mitosis

B. meiosis

C. fertilization

D. pollination

Where does Spermatogenesis occur?

A. Semiferous tubules 

B. Fallopian Tubes

C. Vas deferens

D. Prostate

Which structure pushes the developing embryo toward endosperm to get nutrition?

A. Hypophysis

B. Terminal octant

C. Proembryo

D. Suspensor

All of the following are advantages of asexual reproduction except ____________.

A. produce varied offspring

B. spread and colonize certain part of an area

C. Reproduce without a mate

D. produce a large number of offspring

State the ploidy level of a microsporocyte.

A. haploid

B. diploid

C. triploid

D. tetraploid

Nucellus in the seed is represented by

A. Testa

B. Pericarp

C. Tegmen

D. Seed Coat

What is the sticky part of the flower that catches pollen?

A. style

B. stigma

C. ovary

D. petal

What is #1 pointing to?

A. petal

B. stamen

C. pistil

D. ovary

Which type of reproduction produces an identical copy of the parent?

A. Sexual reproduction

B. Asexual reproduction


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