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Digestive System Quiz


What stores bile?
A. Colon
B. Gall Bladder
C. Small Intestine

Salivary gland secrete……… in the……..

A. Saliva_ mouth

B. Saliva_ oesophagus

C. Gastric juice_ stomach

D. Pancreatic_ small intestine

The following is that digestive canal supplementaries except

A. Stomach

B. Salivary glands

C. Liver

D. Pancreas

What absorbs water and minerals and holds waste?
A. Large Intestine (Colon)
B. Small Intestine
C. Gall Bladder

Where does most digestion occur?
A. Stomach
B. Salivary gland
C. Small intestine

Urine is produced in which of the following organs?

A. gall bladder

B. urinary bladder

C. kidney

D. ureter

What starts the process of chemical breakdown?
A. Saliva
B. Oxygen
C. Hydrogen

What organ removes liquid waste from blood?
A. Heart
B. Brain
C. Kidneys
D. Stomach

Which two systems interact so the kidneys filter cellular waste out of blood for removal?

A. circulatory and endocrine

B. respiratory and circulatory

C. digestive and respiratory

D. circulatory and excretory

No 10 is

A. Mouth

B. Stomach

C. Salivary glands

D. Pancreas

Who Needs Dialysis?

A. Person with severe kidney disease

B. Person with 1 kidney

Organ responsible for tasting food

A. Stomach

B. Tongue

C. Oesophagus

D. Pharynx

Digestive Canal start with mouth and ends with

A. Stomach

B. Small intestine

C. Oesophagus

D. Anus opening

Starch digestion Starts by the

A. Gastric juice

B. Intestinal juice

C. Bile juice

D. Saliva

What are the kidneys shaped like?

A. Beans

B. Apples

C. Carrots

D. Brussels Sprouts

Which two body systems interact to send oxygen throughout the body?

A. Nervous and Digestive

B. Respiratory and Circulatory

C. Excretory and Endocrine

D. Circulatory and Skeletal

an organ inside your skull that controls your body and provides the ability to think and feel

A. heart

B. brain

C. kidneys

D. stomach

No 9

A. Liver

B. Stomach

C. Gallbladder

D. Pancreas

Starch digestion start in the

A. Stomach

B. Small intestine

C. Large intestine

D. Mouth

The following organs belongs to digestive canal except

A. Stomach

B. Oesophagus

C. Liver

D. Small intestine

what are the parts of the digestive system
A. stomach,small and large intestine
B. mouth,stomach,esophagus,large and small intestine

Which organ belongs to the digestive system?
A. heart
B. stomach
C. femur
D. brain

These organs help your body move

A. muscles

B. skin

C. bones

D. liver

Digestive canal consist of

A. Lungs

B. Liver

C. Salivary glands

D. Small intestine

machine that help in dialysis

A. dialysis machine

B. hemodialysis


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