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Cosmetology Anatomy Quiz


Thin-walled blood vessels that are less elastic than arteries and located closer to the skin surface are

A. buccinators

B. capillaries

C. veins

D. arteries

The chief motor nerve of the face is the

A. auricular nerve

B. fifth cranial nerve

C. digital nerve

D. seventh cranial nerve

the clear yellowish fluid that carries waste and impurities away from cells is

A. protoplasm

B. lymph

C. membrane

D. protien

The largest ofthe cranial nerves is the

A. sensory nerve

B. mandibular nerve

C. fifth cranial nerve

D. opthalmic nerve

Muscles that turn the hand inward so the palmms face downward are

A. pronators

B. extensors

C. adductors

D. flexors

Ductless glands that release secretion of hormones directly into the bloodsttream are

A. endocrine glands

B. digestive glands

C. exocrine glands

D. sweat glands

The scintific study of the structurre, function, and pathology of the nervous system is known as

A. Neutralgia

B. neurology

C. nervosology

D. neutrology

The largest and most complex nerve tissue of the body is the

A. spinal cord

B. neuron

C. brain

D. axon

The main sources or branches of blood supply to the head, neck, and face are the

A. common cartoid arteries

B. common aorta arteries

C. cardiac arteries

D. serratus anterior arteries

The smaller bone in the forearm on the same side of the thumb is the

A. scapula

B. adductor

C. radius

D. ulna

An automatic nerve reaction to a stimulus that involves movement is

A. reflex

B. sensation

C. pulse

D. receptor


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