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Respiratory System Med Term Quiz



A. absence of breathing

B. slow breathing

C. fast breathing

D. normal breathing


A. inflammation of the lungs

B. inflammation of the nose

C. inflammation of the alveoli

D. inflammation of the trachea

surgical repair of a bronchial defect

A. bronchoplasty

B. bronchoscopy

C. bronchostenosis

D. bronchoplegia

If someone has dyspenia –

A. they have fast breathing

B. they have slow breathing

C. it is difficult to breath

D. they are not breathing

surgical opening of the trachea

A. tracheotomy

B. tracheorrhagia

C. thoracotomy

D. thoracectomy

You have a horrible sore throat (inflammation) of the larynx and the pharynx

A. laryngitis

B. pharryngitis

C. laryngopharyngitis

D. tracheolaryngitis

meaning chest

A. pulmon/o

B. thorac/o

C. trache/o

D. spir/o

The general term used to describe a group of respiratory conditions characterized by chronic airflow limitations can be abbreviated as:






A. process of recording

B. stretching out or dialation

C. breathing

D. visual examination


A. breathing pattern is too fast

B. breathing pattern is fast then slows down

C. breathing pattern is very slow, then speeds up

D. Breathing pattern is too slow and shallow


A. someone is dead

B. someone is breathing wrong

C. someone is blue

D. someone has cancer

paralysis of the wall of the bronchi

A. bronchorrhagia

B. bronchorrhea

C. bronchoplegia

D. bronchoscopy

meaning lung

A. pulmon/o

B. spir/o

C. sinus/o

D. thorac/o

to breathe

A. pulmon/o

B. spir/o

C. sinus/o

D. trache/o

Dr. Doolittle discovers that his patient has an inflammation of the lungs. He records this on the patients chart as:

A. Bronchitis

B. Bronchoplegia

C. Pnumonia

D. Pneumonitis

bleeding of the larnyx

A. larnygorrhagia

B. laryngitis

C. laryngrrhea

D. larynoplasty

The term meaning the abnormal narrowing of the lumen of the trachea is:

A. bronchioplasm

B. brachiostenosis

C. tracheostenosis

D. tracheocentesis

increased tissue spaces caused by destruction of alveoli

A. pneumonia

B. emphasema

C. tuberculosis

D. asthma

What is the incision of the chest?

A. tracheotomy

B. mediastinoscopy

C. dysphonia

D. thoracotomy

The term meaning an abnormal discharge from the pharynx:

A. Pharyngorrhea

B. Phlegm

C. Laryngorrhea

D. Sputum


A. infection of the pyo

B. puss in the chest

C. cutting into the chest

D. dilation of the pyo of the chest

Eupenia is…….

A. no breathing

B. fast breathing

C. normal breathing

D. slow breathing

Dr. McSteamy’s examination revealed that Clara Barton has an accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity. This diagnosis is recorded on her chart as a(n)

A. hemothorax

B. epstaxis

C. hemostaxis

D. pleurrhaphy

labored or difficult breathing

A. dyspnea

B. hypernea

C. hypoventilation

D. hyperventilation

A disorder of the lungs called ____ causes the bronchi to become restricted (get smaller) so air can’t get to the lungs.

A. asthma

B. cold

C. influenza

D. bronchitis


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