Medical Quiz

First Aid Check up Quiz


Check for normal breathing, taking no more than five or 10 seconds



An EpiPen is used for

A. allergic reactions

B. bleeding

C. choking

D. sprains

The AED is a machine that is used with ….

A. The Heimlich



D. Back Blows

L  stands for what in SAMPLE

A. Last 

B. Last Food 

C. Last Medicine

D. Last Food or drink

S stands for what in SAMPLE

A. Signs

B. Stop 

C. signal

What is the number to call in an emergency?

A. 991

B. 119

C. 911

D. 919

Before beginning CPR what must be done first?

A. Call 911

B. Check the scene

C. A total breakdown.

D. Get an AED

CPR is for someone who 

A. Is bleeding

B. Has no pulse

C. Is choking

D. Broke their arm

You Should do Head to toe check before doing Sample


B. True 

C. Tru

How many breaths are in one round of CPR?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Could it be dangerous to touch the person while the shock is being delivered?

A. Yes

B. No

The 3 C’s in first aid are: Check the scene, Call for help, and what?

A. Calm

B. Care

C. Cry

D. Carry

How many chest compressions do you give for one cycle of CPR 

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40

E  stands for what in SAMPLE

A. Events leading up to 

B. Events leading up to the injury

C. Events leading up to help

A stands for what in SAMPLE

A. Ask

B. Allergies 

C. Allergeees

You should obtain consent before doing a Head to Toe Check



M stands for what in SAMPLE

A. Medical

B. Medium

C. Medicine


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