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Degeneration Pathology Quiz


What is the disease of uric acid metabolism called?

A. Gout

B. Necrosis

C. Atrophy

D. Hyperplasia

Which organs can be involved in amyloid disease?

A. Kidney, liver, spleen, adrenal glands

B. Lungs, heart, brain, stomach

C. Skin, eyes, nails, bones

D. Muscles, joints, blood vessels, nerves

What is the decrease in a body part or organ that was previously of normal size called?

A. Atrophy

B. Hypertrophy

C. Regeneration

D. Hyperplasia

Which pigment is responsible for the brownish/black color in the skin?

A. Carotene

B. Melanin

C. Bilirubin

D. Carbon

What is the replacement of tissue by the exact same type of tissue called?

A. Physiological regeneration

B. Pathological regeneration

C. Hyperplasia

D. Regeneration

What is the term for an increase in the amount or irregular distribution of pigments in the body?

A. Exogenous pigmentation

B. Endogenous pigmentation

C. Calcification

D. Gout

What is the most common and least damaging type of degeneration?

A. Fatty Degeneration

B. Amyloid Disease

C. Cloudy Swelling

D. Calcification

What is the term for the pathological death of cells, tissues, or organs?

A. Cloudy Swelling

B. Fatty Degeneration

C. Amyloid Disease

D. Necrosis

Which organ is most often involved in cloudy swelling?

A. Liver

B. Kidneys

C. Heart

D. Lungs

What is the main cause of fatty degeneration?

A. Alcoholism

B. Malnutrition

C. Burns

D. Shock

What is the characteristic appearance of a fatty liver?

A. Yellow, soft, and greasy

B. Swollen, opaque, and cloudy

C. Waxy and starch-like

D. Gray-white and cheese-like

What is the main substance that accumulates in amyloid disease?

A. Fat

B. Calcium salts

C. Uric acid crystals

D. Waxy, starch-like glycoprotein

What is the process of a substance passing into a cell and being deposited within the substance of a cell, tissue, or organ called?

A. Degeneration

B. Pigmentation

C. Infiltration

D. Regeneration

What is the accumulation of calcium salts in tissues called?

A. Cloudy Swelling

B. Fatty Degeneration

C. Amyloid Disease

D. Calcification

Which organ is most commonly affected by fatty degeneration?

A. Liver

B. Kidneys

C. Heart

D. Lungs


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