Medical Quiz

Joints in our Body Quiz


What would you suggest to eat to maintain healthy bones and joints?

A. bakery products, sugar and oil

B. dairy products, green leafy vegetables and fish

C. high protein diet

D. high carbohydrate diet

Function of our skeleton system is

A. make us stand straight

B. gives shape and support for our body

C. to keep bones safe

D. help in movement

Guess the joint-It moves over each other, gives side ways movement, rotates, goes back and forth

A. pivot joint

B. hinge joint

C. gliding joint

D. neck joint

Movement shown by ankle and wrist are

A. clockwise movement

B. anti clock wise movement

C. rotation and sideways

D. back and forth movement , rotation , side ways

We can take care of the joints by

A. eating healthy food and maintaining ideal body weight

B. not underusing or over using them

C. regular exercise

D. all of the above

Study of joints is called

A. Archeology

B. Arthrology

C. Anthropology

D. Dermatology

Examples are movable joints are

A. ankle, wrist, upper jaw

B. hip, neck, skull

C. shoulder, elbow, lower jaw

D. fingers, toe, ribcage

The X ray image is used

A. to see the bones and joints

B. only if the bones are broken

C. only when joints are swollen

D. to see all parts of the body

Tennis elbow occurs to people _________

A. playing tennis

B. playing badminton

C. with swollen elbow joint

D. playing cricket

Sprain occurs when we __________ the joint

A. under use

B. extend the joint

C. over use

D. run faster


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