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Musculoskeletal System Quiz


The hip is an example of what joint?

A. saddle

B. ball and socket

C. pivot

D. gliding

What state is the sarcomere in #1
A.     Relaxed
B.     Contracting
C.     Fully Contracted
D.     None of the above

The bone marrow inside your bones makes _______________________ cells.
A. blood
B. cancer
C. large
D. normal

Which muscle is this?
A.     Gastrocnemius
B.     Gluteus medius
C.     Gluteus minimus
D.     Gluteus maximus

What is it called where two or more bones connect

A. Joint

B. Tendon

C. ligaments

D. cartilage

Tendons and ligaments are what type of tissue.
A. Muscle
B. Nerve
C. Connective
D. Epithelial

This cartilage is located at the ends of our bones

A. Intervertebral disc

B. Fibrocartilage

C. Hyaline

D. Elastic

A bundle of fascicles best describes a
A. muscle fiber
B. muscle tissue
C. myofibril
D. tendon

What is a crossbridge?
A. Where myosin binds to actin
B. Where the calcium crosses into the cytoplasm
C. Where calcium binds with troponin
D. None of the answers are correct.

The main function of the musculoskeletal system is to…….
A. Provide movement and support for the body
B. protect internal organs
C. provide attachment sites for muscles
D. all of the above

Approximately how many muscles are in our body

A. 600

B. 200

C. 350

D. 12

Skeletal muscles always work _____.
A. in groups
B. in pairs
C. singly
D. none of the above

Toes and fingers are called_______________________.
A. bones
B. carpals
C. tendons
D. phalanges

Moves away from the midline of the body

A. adduction

B. abduction

C. inversion

D. eversion

How do pairs of skeletal muscles work together?
A. while one contracts, the other returns to original length
B. both muscles contract at the same time
C. both muscles relax at the same time
D. 1 muscle pulls on the bone and the other pulls on the first muscle

The plasma membrane of a skeletal muscle cell is called the:
A.     sarcomere
B.     myofilament
C.     sarcolemma
D.     sarcoplasm

Which part of the skeletal system protects the spinal cord?

A. pelvis

B. cranium/skull

C. vertebra

D. scapula

Which of the following statements about H zones and I bands is TRUE?
A. the H zones contain only actin, while the I bands contain only myosin
B. the H zones contain only myosin, while the I bands contain both actin and myosin
C. the H zones contain only myosin, while the I bands contain only actin
D. the H zones and the I bands each contain both actin and myosin

In a contracting muscle the Z lines come closer together.

What type of tissue is cartilage?

A. Connective

B. Muscular

C. Epithelial

D. Nervous

This tough band of connective tissue connects muscles to bones.

A. ligament

B. tendon

C. cartilage

D. femur

Decreases the angle of a joint

A. pronation

B. supination

C. extension

D. flexion

The wrist and ankle bones are considered what type of joint?

A. ball and socket

B. pivot

C. hinge

D. gliding

Does cartilage contain blood vessels?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Only in hyaline cartilage

D. Only in elastic cartilage

What is the name of the thin filaments in the muscle cell?
A. Actin
B. Myosin
C. Myoglobin
D. Titan


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