Musculoskeletal System Quiz


Moves closer to the midline of the body

A. abduction

B. adduction

C. deviation

D. conjoination

What is the disorder of the skeletal system that results in having very brittle, soft bones?
A. Osteoporosis
B. Osteomyelitis
C. Arthritis
D. Bursitits

Which type of cartilage is between our vertebrae?

A. Hyaline Cartilage

B. Fibrocartilage

C. Elastic Cartilage

Which of the following is correct about an agonist?

A. It is the muscle that relaxes in a contraction

B. It is the muscle that lengthens

C. It is the primary muscle responsible for movement

D. It is the tricep in a bicep curl

Does cartilage contain blood vessels?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Only in hyaline cartilage

D. Only in elastic cartilage

A mature cartilage cell is called a chondrocyte; True or false?



In a contracting muscle the Z lines come closer together.

appendicular skeleton hangs of the axial framework
B. false

What is a crossbridge?
A. Where myosin binds to actin
B. Where the calcium crosses into the cytoplasm
C. Where calcium binds with troponin
D. None of the answers are correct.

What is the name of the flat bone that makes up the shoulder blade?
A. scapula
B. stapes
C. sternum
D. cranium

The main function of the musculoskeletal system is to…….
A. Provide movement and support for the body
B. protect internal organs
C. provide attachment sites for muscles
D. all of the above

Chrondroblasts are

A. Minor breaks in the cartilage

B. Reactions that occur in the cartilage

C. Cartilage cells

D. None of these

Which part of the skeletal system protects the heart and lungs?

A. cranium/skull

B. pelvis

C. scapula

D. ribs

The bone marrow inside your bones makes _______________________ cells.
A. blood
B. cancer
C. large
D. normal

Where would you find the periosteum?

A. In the medullary cavity

B. Inside the epiphyses

C. Outside a fontanel

D. Outside the bone

This tough band of connective tissue connects muscles to bones.

A. ligament

B. tendon

C. cartilage

D. femur

Does cartilage also contain lacunae, same as bone?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Only certain types of cartilage

D. Very rarely

Tendons and ligaments are what type of tissue.
A. Muscle
B. Nerve
C. Connective
D. Epithelial

What substance lubricates & cushions movement in our major joints? (knee, elbow, etc)

A. synovial fluid

B. osteoblasts

C. ligaments

D. oil

Flexible tissue that covers the ends of your bones at joints is called
A. Synovial Fluid
B. Cartilage
C. Smooth Muscle
D. Cardiac Muscle

Which muscle is this?
A.     Gastrocnemius
B.     Gluteus medius
C.     Gluteus minimus
D.     Gluteus maximus

The hip is an example of what joint?

A. saddle

B. ball and socket

C. pivot

D. gliding

Approximately how many muscles are in our body

A. 600

B. 200

C. 350

D. 12

This type of voluntary muscle is responsible for the movement of the skeleton.

A. skeletal

B. cardiac

C. smooth

D. heart

What type of tissue is cartilage?

A. Connective

B. Muscular

C. Epithelial

D. Nervous


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