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Heart Anatomy Quiz


The Systemic Loop Goes All Over the Body



Identify the circled valve

A. Tricuspid

B. Mitral

C. Pulmonary

D. Aortic

Small cavity that contains the hear within the thoracic cavity

A. atriventricular septum

B. mediastinum

C. coronary arteries

D. pericardium

What is the name for a circulatory system that has blood leave heart to go to lungs then goes back to heart before delivering the oxygenated blood to the rest of the body?




The _________ PUMPS blood to the lungs.

A. Right Atrium

B. Right Ventricle

C. Left Atrium

D. Left Ventricle

All chambers are relaxed, and blood flows into the heart.

A. Atrial systole, ventricular diastole

B. Cardiac diastole

C. Atrial diastole, ventricular systole

Identify the circled valve

A. Tricuspid

B. Mitral

C. Pulmonary

D. Aortic

Vessels that carry blood to the lungs

A. coronary arteries

B. pulmonary veins

C. coronary veins

D. pulmonary arteries

Atria contract, pushing blood into the ventricles.

A. Cardiac diastole

B. Atrial systole, ventricular diastole

C. Atrial diastole, ventricular systole

A. Left atrium

B. Right atrium

C. Left ventricle

D. Right ventricle

Vessels that allow gas exchange

A. arteries

B. capillaries

C. veins

Septum that divides the atria longitudinally

A. atrioventricular septum

B. semilunar valves

C. aorta

D. inferior vena cava

General term for the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscles

A. pulomonary veins

B. coronary arteries

C. pulmonary arteries

D. coronary veins

Vessel that brings blood from the lower body into the heart

A. right atrium

B. right ventricle

C. inferior vena cava

D. pulmonary arteries

Carry blood toward heart; mostly oxygen-poor

A. Arteries

B. Veins

C. Capillaries

These “strings” anchor the AV valve

A. chordae tendinae

B. coronary arteries

C. semilunar valves

D. mitral valve

name of the valve that separates right atrium from right ventricle.

A. tricuspid

B. aortic

C. mitral

What is the function of the right atrium?

A. Receives blood from the systemic circuit

B. To oxygenate the blood

C. To cool the blood

D. No function

The pumping cycle begins when oxygen deprived blood returns from the body through the _______________ and ___________.

A. right coronary, left coronary arteries

B. superior vena cava, inferior vena cava

C. right pulmonary vein, left pulmonary vein

Inner lining of heart chamber

A. Myocardium

B. Endocardium

C. Epicardium

Identify the circled valve

A. Tricuspid

B. Mitral

C. Pulmonary

D. Aortic

An obstruction in the pulmonary artery would cause an immediate increase in blood pressure which region?

A. Pulmonary veins

B. Right atrium

C. Right ventricle

D. Left ventricle

When the left ventricle contracts, the ____________ valve opens.

A. aortic

B. bicuspid

C. tricuspid

D. pulmonary

The fluid-filled sac that covers the heart

A. Pericardium

B. Epicardium 

C. Myocardium 

D. Endocardium 

Chamber of the hear that pumps blood to the lungs

A. left ventricle

B. right atrium

C. left atrium

D. right ventricle


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