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Heart Anatomy Quiz


Identify the circled valve

A. Tricuspid

B. Mitral

C. Pulmonary

D. Aortic

Inner lining of heart chamber

A. Myocardium

B. Endocardium

C. Epicardium

_____ carry blood to the heart.

A. Arteries

B. Veins

C. Capillaries

D. Vena Cava

Which side of the heart has oxygen rich blood?

A. Left Side

B. Right Side

Valve that is between the left atrium and left ventricle

A. aorta

B. pulmonary veins

C. bicuspid

D. chordae tendinae

The muscular middle layer of the heart is called the

A. epicardium

B. myocardium

C. pericardium

D. endocardium

Wall of the heart made up mostly of cardiac muscle

A. Pericardium 

B. Epicardium 

C. Myocardium 

D. Endocardium 

Which of the following paths correctly orders blood flow through the systemic circuit of the circulatory system?

A. Left ventricle, aorta, pulmonary veins, right atrium

B. Left ventricle, aorta, vena cavae, right atrium

C. Right ventricle, aorta, vena cava, left atrium

D. Right ventricle, pulmonary arteries, pulmonary veins, left atrium

The fluid-filled sac that covers the heart

A. Pericardium

B. Epicardium 

C. Myocardium 

D. Endocardium 

Distributes blood to body parts

A. vena cava

B. aorta

C. pulmonary vein

D. brachial artery

Strong, fibrous strings that attach to the cusps of the tricuspid valve on the ventricular side are called

A. papillary muscles

B. aorta

C. chordae tendinae

D. Intraventricular septum

Vessels that carry blood to the lungs

A. coronary arteries

B. pulmonary veins

C. coronary veins

D. pulmonary arteries

Vessels with walls that are one cell thick

A. arteries

B. capillaries

C. veins

This vessel carries blood to the lungs

A. Pulmonary veins

B. Pulmonary arteries

C. Aorta

D. Coronary artery

Name this part.

A. Right ventricle

B. Pulmonary artery

C. Left ventricle

D. Right atrium

Largest artery of the body.

A. Intercostal arteries

B. Bronchial arteries

C. Aorta

D. Abdominal aorta

Identify the circled valve

A. Tricuspid

B. Mitral

C. Pulmonary

D. Aortic

The purpose of heart valves is to

A. set the pace at which the heart beats

B. prevent blood from flowing backward

C. oxygenate the blood as it passes through the valve

D. add minerals to the blood

Chamber of the hear that pumps blood to the right ventricle

A. right atrium

B. left atrium

C. left ventricle

D. right ventricle

A. Left atrium

B. Right atrium

C. Left ventricle

D. Right ventricle

What chamber pumps blood to the body?

A. Right atrium

B. Right ventricle

C. Left atrium

D. Left ventricle 

These “strings” anchor the AV valve

A. chordae tendinae

B. coronary arteries

C. semilunar valves

D. mitral valve

The oxygen rich blood flows back to the heart via the __________________________________.

A. pulmonary artery

B. pulmonary vein

C. inferior vena cava

D. superior vena cava

The thickest and strongest blood vessel is the

A. vein

B. artery

C. capillary

D. both veins and capillaries

The Systemic Loop Goes All Over the Body




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