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Human Urinary System Quiz


Blood entering the glomerulus under ______________ because the diameter of the afferent arteriole is ____________ than the diameter of efferent arteriole.

A. low hydrostatic pressure, smaller

B. high hydrostatic pressure, larger

C. high hydrostatic pressure, smaller

D. low hydrostatic pressure, larger

Distal convoluted tubule is located at the _______________ part of the kidney.

A. medulla

B. cortex

C. pelvis

D. ureter

Sodium ion (Na+) is being reabsorbed into blood capillary through ________________, while chloride ion (Cl-) is being reabsorbed through _______________.

A. active transport, passive transport

B. osmosis, active transport

C. passive transport, active transport

D. actice transport, osmosis

Drinking too much water causes

A. blood osmotic pressure increases above the normal range

B. more concentrated urine is generated in low volumes

C. less concentrated urine is generated in high volumes

D. more ADH is secreted from the pituitary gland.

Three major processes involved in the production of urine are ultrafiltration, reabsorption and _______________.

A. osmosis

B. urine formation

C. secretion

D. active transport

Proximal convulated tubule is located at ____________ part of the kidney.

A. medulla

B. cortex

C. pelvis

D. ureter

______________is cluster of blood capillaries.

A. Glomerulus

B. Neuron

C. Renal tubule

D. Bowman’s capsule

To regulate the level of ions in the blood are the importance of

A. reabsorption at proximal convoluted tubule

B. reabsorption at loop of Henle and distal convoluted tubule

C. secretion

D. ultrafiltration

Loop of Henle is located at the __________________ part of the kidney.

A. medulla

B. cortex

C. pelvis

D. ureter

Choose the correct pathway in the production of urine.

A. Kidney – Ureter – Bladder – Urethra

B. Kidney – Urethra – Bladder – Ureter

C. Kidney – Bladder – Ureter – Urethra

D. Kidney – Bladder – Urethra – Ureter

Health problem that related to urinary system is

A. hyperthroidism

B. diabetes insipidus

C. diabetes mellitus

D. kidney stone

Secretion is a process of secreting waste substances that are not filtered earlier into the renal tubule. Below are the substances being secreted in the secretion process except for

A. hydrogen ions

B. potassium ions

C. ammonium ions

D. all above are correct

All below are the parts in renal rubules, except for

A. loop of Henle

B. proximal convulated tubule

C. distal convulated tubule

D. collecting duct

What is the name of the fluid that enters Bowman’s capsule?

A. Urine

B. Neuron

C. Glomerulus

D. Glomerular filtrate

Renal artery carries ______________, while renal vein carries ______________.

A. carbon dioxide, oxygen

B. oxygen, carbon dioxide

C. oxygenated blood, deoxygenated blood

D. deoxygenated blood, oxygenated blood


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