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Body System Interactions Quiz


What 2 systems: Diaphragm controls breathing

A. Circulatory and Endocrine

B. Respiratory and Muscular

C. Muscular and Skeletal

D. Circulatory and Respiratory

The circulatory system interacts with the ______ system to remove waste from our blood and produce urine.

A. nervous

B. endocrine

C. urinary

D. digestive

Dialysis is a medical treatment used when a person’s kidneys are no longer able to function. During this process, a machine uses an artificial membrane to remove waste products from the blood. Which body system below is not functioning properly in a person who requires dialysis?

A. Endocrine system

B. Integumentary system

C. Urinary system

D. Circulatory system

The muscular system interacts with the ____ system because the heart is a muscle and it pumps blood to every cell in our body.

A. excretory

B. endocrine

C. digestive

D. circulatory

Which two body systems interact to send oxygen throughout the body?

A. Nervous and Digestive

B. Respiratory and Circulatory

C. Excretory and Endocrine

D. Circulatory and Skeletal

David has diabetes. His sugar level is often rising and lowering. Which body system is in charge of regulating his sugar levels?

A. Excretory

B. Endocrine

C. Circulatory

D. Nervous

The skeletal system interacts with the _____ system when it produces red blood cells.  

A. circulatory

B. excretory

C. digestive

D. nervous

The digestive and respiratory systems pair together to …

A. bring carbon dioxide and wastes to cells for diffusion.

B. bring oxygen and wastes to cells for diffusion.

C. bring oxygen and nutrients to cells for cellular respiration.

D. bring carbon dioxide and nutrients to cells for cellular respiration.

Why is the maintenance of homeostasis important to multicellular organisms?

A. They must keep their internal environment within a narrow range of conditions.

B. They require the ability to adjust their internal environment to match their external environment

C. Their cells need to be able to respond rapidly to drastic changes in their external enviornment

D. Their internal environment must provide their cells with a wide range of conditions

How does the Circulatory System help the Muscular System?

A. Protects muscles

B. Sends messages to the muscles to contract

C. Brings oxygen into the body

D. Delivers nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissue

Which two body systems work together to break down food and get rid of wastes?

A. digestive and excretory

B. digestive and circulatory

C. excretory and respiratory

D. nervous and digestive

The digestive and respiratory rely on the ___ systems to transport needed materials to the cells.

A. circlatory and excretory

B. circulatory and muscular

C. nervous and digestive

D. nervous and skeletal

Olympic sprinters undergo increased heart and breathing rates while competing. Which of the following best describes the interactions among systems of a sprinter?

A. Respiratory system is working to obtain more oxygen, while the circulatory system works to transport the oxygen to the muscles.

B. The digestive system takes in more glucose, while the excretory system removes waste.

C. The endocrine system transports ATP to the nervous system

D. Excretory system removes waste from the digestive system to reduce weight so the sprinter can run faster

Which level of organization is listed correctly from simple to complex?

A. Organelle, organ, organ system, tissue, cell

B. Cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

C. Organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell

D. cell, tissue, organ system, organ, organelle

When your body comes in contact with a sharp object, an impulse sent you your brain triggers a reflex that causes you to move away from the object. What body systems are interacting to cause this response?

A. Nervous, Respiratory,

B. Nervous, Muscular

C. Nervous, Skeletal

D. Nervous, Digestive

What 2 systems: Allow organs to contract and push food through

A. Muscular and Skeletal

B. Excretory and Muscular

C. Endocrine and Muscular

D. Muscular and Digestive

Our brain is a part of our ____ system and it interacts with our muscular system to coordinate movements throughout our bodies.  

A. excretory

B. digestive

C. eyes

D. nervous

Organs of this system include the kidneys and bladder

A. Digestive

B. Excretory

C. Immune

D. Skeletal

Kidneys are part of the urinary system in a human body. They purify the impure blood and send it back to the rest of the body. Which system is mainly responsible for the transport of blood to the kidneys?

A. Respiratory system

B. Circulatory system

C. Muscular system

D. Nervous system


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