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Types of Nutrients Quiz


Substances in food that your body needs to carry out its normal functions.

A. Nutrition

B. Protein

C. Carbohydrates

D. Nutrients

Which one is a healthy habit?



Which of the following food item contains carbohydrates?

A. Rice

B. Gram

C. Cabbage

D. Pulses

What Type of nutrientes the foods in the pictures have more

A. vitamins

B. proteins

C. carbohydrates

D. lipids

Which of the following is NOT considered a food made of grains?

A. Cereal

B. Oatmeal

C. Bread

D. Fish

Our body prepares which type of Vitamin in the presence of sunlight?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin D

This food is reach in…

A. Proteins

B. Carbs

C. Lipids

Proteins are called

A. Energy-giving food

B. Body-building food

C. Protective food

D. All of the above

This food is reach in …

A. Meat

B. Carbs

C. Proteins

A person takes more food than his requirement. He is too fat. He may be suffering from which of the following diseases.

A. Anaemia

B. Beri-beri

C. Scurvy

D. Obesity

What food group is most responsible for providing water?

A. Meats

B. Fruits

C. Grains

D. Dairy products

The diet which contains all the nutrients in proper amount is called

A. Proper Meal

B. Complete food

C. Balanced diet

D. Buffet

What food group is the above food in?

A. Fruit

B. Vegetable

C. Dairy

D. Grain

Which nutrient builds, maintain and repair body tissues and cells.

A. fat

B. water

C. protein

D. carbohydrates

Which of the following is NOT an example of a complex carbohydrate?

A. Whole Grain Bread

B. Apple

C. Broccoli

D. Squash

Calcium is a mineral and can be found in…

A. Fruits & Vegetables

B. Sugary treats

C. Sodas

D. Dairy

Which nutrient is the number one energy source for the body?

A. Grains

B. Vegetables

C. Carbohydrates

D. Vitamins

Milk is rich in ??

A. Fats and carbohydrate

B. Proteins and minerals

C. Proteins and vitamins

D. Vitamins and minerals

You just had a hard work out and your muscles are sore! which nutrient should you be trying to get to repair your muscles?

A. carbohydrates

B. fat

C. water

D. protein

The energy-giving nutrient is called

A. Mineral

B. Protein

C. Carbohydrate

D. Vitamin

Which is an example of a dairy product?

A. bread

B. watermelon

C. bacon

D. milk

How does calcium help our body?

A. Builds muscle

B. Helps eyesight

C. Develops red blood cells

D. Builds strong bones

What nutrient keeps our bodies hydrated?

A. Vitamins and Minerals

B. Protein

C. Water

D. Carbohydrates

Which nutrient helps regulate body functions?

A. Fats

B. Vitamins

C. Carbohydrates

D. Protein

Milk and cheese are

A. plant Products

B. Animal products

C. None of the above

D. both a and c


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