Medical Quiz

Genetics and Censorship Quiz


India believes that _______________ should censor their content:

A. the government


C. social media companies

D. TV stations


A. consequences

B. raise a child

C. guess

D. how weak you are to a certain disease

What is censorship?

A. controlling diet

B. controlling communication

C. controlling politics

D. controlling newspapers


A. develop or grow

B. an action that causes others to be angry

C. a very disrespectful actions of something sacred or holy

D. very unpleasant


A. dead

B. not religious or spiritual

C. reduce

D. encourage or start some violence


A. prevent bad things from happening

B. throw away

C. change

D. not predicted

What is the theory about Yao Ming, the Chinese basketball player, that he disagrees with?

A. He was too injured to play in the NBA

B. He was genetically modified

C. The government gave him money

D. He was the product of an arranged marriage

What is the part of the cell that scientists are interested in modifying?

A. Nucleolus

B. Mitochondria

C. Ribosomes

D. Golgi Apparatus


A. a threat or danger

B. forced to move homes, usually because of war and disaster

C. an attack before an enemy attacks you

D. causing angry or violent feelings

Most people disagree that:

A. We should genetically modify babies to reduce the risk of serious disease

B. We should genetically modify babies to prevent Alzheimer’s

C. We should genetically modify babies to create hard bones.

D. We should genetically modify babies to make them smarter

Internet theories that the South Korean government didn’t like were:

A. South Korea planted mines in their own territory

B. North Korea planted mines in their own territory

C. South Korea played propaganda through a loudspeaker

D. South Korea didn’t let children play video games


A. constant pattern

B. every week

C. every month

D. randomly


A. break

B. refresh

C. renew

D. upgrade


A. theory to try to “eliminate” disease

B. theory to try to “improve” a population

C. theory to try to “control” information

D. theory to try to “prevent” power

In Bangladesh, many religious militants celebrated killings on :

A. Twitter

B. Facebook

C. Discord

D. Text messages

What is a central reason that China has become so competitive in terms of educating youth?

A. One-child policy

B. Difficult universities

C. Intense job market

D. Government supports young athletes

The most common argument in support of using genetic engineering is?

A. Preventing disease

B. Desirable traits

C. Strong bones

D. Predict jobs


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