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Toxicology Quiz


Which of the following is an example of a viperine snake?

A. cobra

B. mamba

C. rattlesnake

D. blue racer

Which domestic animal most often experiences venomous snakebites?

A. dogs

B. livestock

C. sheep

D. parrots

The amount of toxin needed to poison an animal is often dependent on what factor?

A. weight of the animal

B. time of day

C. the age of the animal

D. an animals normal eating habits

Cyanide affects cattle through which of the following?

A. apple tree leave

B. hay

C. water

D. vegetables

What ingredient in raw bread dough can cause poisoning?

A. flour

B. soy

C. sugar

D. yeast

Blue-green algae are also known as what?

A. Cyanobacteria

B. Teppobacteria

C. Winbacteria

D. Fanetebacteria

Poisons and toxins are most commonly excreted from the body through which organ?

A. lung

B. heart

C. kidney

D. brain

Which animal is most often affected by sweet clover poisoning?

A. birds

B. cattle

C. dogs

D. rabbits

Which of the following has the highest concentration of theobromine?

A. white chocolate

B. milk chocolate

C. semi-sweet chocolate

D. unsweetened cocoa powder

Toxicology is the study of what?

A. Disease

B. poisons

C. parasites

D. death

Rodenticides often interfere with which vitamin in the body?

A. vitamin A

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin K

Which organ is most often involved in the intoxication of poisons?

A. liver

B. heart

C. brain

D. lung

Chronic toxicosis typically refers to exposure longer than what time period?

A. 24 hours

B. 7 days

C. 5 weeks

D. 3 months

Sweet clover poisoning involves what symptom?

A. discoloration of the skin

B. vomiting

C. blindness

D. hemorrhages

What is the time that it takes for half of the chemical or toxin to be expelled from the body?

A. expulsion rate

B. metabolic time

C. half life

D. digestive period


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