ology & phobia Quiz


What does the suffix -phobia mean?

A. study of

B. life

C. hundred

D. fear

A sociology student will typically study what?
A. the study of humans
B. the study of life and living things
C. the study of how people interact
D. the study of the mind

What does the root bio mean?

A. life

B. one

C. heat

D. thousandth

A psychologist is someone who studies _______.

A. the mind

B. the environment

C. the students

D. the plants

What is an antonym of “phobia”?
A. Brave
B. Congregate
C. Hiatus
D. Lollygag

An abnormal fear of water is called _____________.

A. hydrophobia

B. acrophobia

C. psychology

D. arachnophobia

What does “graph” most likely mean in the word “graphology?”
A. to write
B. to read
C. to think
D. to speak

fear of blood

A. hemophobia

B. acrophobia

C. ornithophobia

D. ailurophobia

fear of animals

A. zoophobia

B. ailurophobia

C. ornithophobia

D. arachnophobia

People who donate money to an animal shelter probably took at least one class in which area of study?
A. graphology
B. dermatology
C. zoology
D. geology

The book titled “The Earth Explored” would probably be interesting to a person who studies what?
A. graphology
B. psychology
C. sociology
D. ecology

An _______________ professor from a local college spoke to my middle school students about the dating practices of ancient civilizations.
A. sociology
B. geology
C. zoology
D. anthropology

fear of strangers or foreigners

A. xenophobia

B. acrophobia

C. zoophobia

D. hydrophobia

the study of humans

A. anthropology

B. dermatology

C. graphology

D. sociology

the study of the skin

A. dermatology

B. graphology

C. psychology

D. sociology

What does “derma” mean in the word “dermatology?”
A. bones
B. teeth
C. heart
D. skin

Which is a synonym for “Phobia”?
A. Fear
B. Brave
C. Fast
D. Loud

The study of living things is called _________.

A. biodegradable

B. claustrophobe

C. hydrophobic

D. biology

What does circum mean?

A. circumference

B. into

C. around

D. same

What is Arachnophobia the fear of?
A. Spiders
B. Water
C. Fire
D. Snakes

The student was very interested in studying the environment, so the teacher recommended that she check out books in ____________ section of the library.
A. ecology
B. sociology
C. cardiology
D. dermatology

What word means “the study of the mind or behavior”?

A. dermatology

B. psychology

C. sociology

D. zoology

What does syn/sym mean?

A. same

B. study of

C. to be

D. into

fear of light

A. photophobia

B. arachnophobia

C. acrophobia

D. xenophobia

the study of the physical nature, structure, and history of the earth

A. geology

B. zoology

C. biology

D. cardiology


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