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Weight Management Quiz


Fat cells/tissue deposited outside of adipose tissue are called:

A. White fat

B. Brown fat

C. Ectopic fat

To be eligible for bariatric surgery you must:

A. Have a BMI of at least 40

B. Have a BMI of at least 30

C. Have a BMI of at least 40 OR a BMI of at least 35 and one comorbid disease

D. Have a BMI of at least 30 OR a BMI of at least 25 and one comorbid disease

When excess energy is stored a triglyceride, what happens first?

A. Fat cells enlarge (get bigger to store more triglyceride)

B. Fat cells increase in number

C. Fat cells shrink

D. Fat cells disappear

People who are successful in maintain weight loss are physically active for ______ minutes per day.

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 60

A hormone produced by stomach cells that INCREASES appetite is called:

A. Ghrelin

B. Leptin

C. Insulin

D. Glucagon

A hormone that DECREASES appetite that is produced by fat cells is called:

A. Ghrelin

B. Insulin

C. Leptin

D. Glucagon

Which of the following are healthy weight management strategies?

A. Eating an energy dense diet

B. Eating a nutrient dense diet

C. Following a fad diet

D. Taking a weight loss supplement

What percentage of the population is underweight?

A. 2%

B. 5%

C. 8%

D. 10%

When energy in exceeds energy out, how is excess energy stored for later use?

A. Glucose

B. Amino acids

C. Triglycerides

D. Phospholipids

When you lose weight, fat cells decrease in number.



What BMI is associated with higher mortality?

A. 18.5-24.9

B. 25-29.9

C. 30-39.9

D. More than 40

What BMI is considered overweight?

A. Less than 18.5

B. 18.5-24.9

C. 25.0-29.9

D. 30.0 or more


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