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Weight Management Quiz


A hormone produced by stomach cells that INCREASES appetite is called:

A. Ghrelin

B. Leptin

C. Insulin

D. Glucagon

People who are successful in maintain weight loss are physically active for ______ minutes per day.

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 60

What BMI is considered overweight?

A. Less than 18.5

B. 18.5-24.9

C. 25.0-29.9

D. 30.0 or more

What percentage of the population is underweight?

A. 2%

B. 5%

C. 8%

D. 10%

What BMI is associated with higher mortality?

A. 18.5-24.9

B. 25-29.9

C. 30-39.9

D. More than 40

Which of the following are healthy weight management strategies?

A. Eating an energy dense diet

B. Eating a nutrient dense diet

C. Following a fad diet

D. Taking a weight loss supplement

When energy in exceeds energy out, how is excess energy stored for later use?

A. Glucose

B. Amino acids

C. Triglycerides

D. Phospholipids

A hormone that DECREASES appetite that is produced by fat cells is called:

A. Ghrelin

B. Insulin

C. Leptin

D. Glucagon

When you lose weight, fat cells decrease in number.



To be eligible for bariatric surgery you must:

A. Have a BMI of at least 40

B. Have a BMI of at least 30

C. Have a BMI of at least 40 OR a BMI of at least 35 and one comorbid disease

D. Have a BMI of at least 30 OR a BMI of at least 25 and one comorbid disease

When excess energy is stored a triglyceride, what happens first?

A. Fat cells enlarge (get bigger to store more triglyceride)

B. Fat cells increase in number

C. Fat cells shrink

D. Fat cells disappear

Fat cells/tissue deposited outside of adipose tissue are called:

A. White fat

B. Brown fat

C. Ectopic fat


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