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Tib/Fib, Knee and Femur Quiz


What size IR should be used with a femur radiograph?

A. 8×10

B. 10×12

C. 11×14

D. 14×17

In what direction should that angle be directed?

A. Cephalic

B. Caudal

How much should the knee be flexed on a lateral knee radiograph?

A. 10-15

B. 15-20

C. 20-30

D. 45

What is the obliquity for an oblique knee?

A. 15 degrees

B. 30 degrees

C. 45 degrees

D. None

Is a grid used for a tib/fib radiograph?

A. Yes

B. No

What can be done to improve resolution on a tib/fib radiograph?

A. Use a grid

B. 48″ SID

C. Lower your kVp

D. Double your mAs

Where should the bottom of the IR be located on a “low” image AP femur?

A. At the knee joint

B. 1 inch above the knee joint

C. 1 inch below the knee joint

D. 2 inches below the knee joint

Where should you center for a lateral knee radiograph?

A. Patella

B. 2 inches distal to medial epicondyle

C. 1 inch distal to the medial epicondyle

D. At the medial epicondyle

Which AEC cell should be utilized for a femur radiograph?

A. Right side for right femur

B. Left side for left femur

C. Center

D. All three

How much of an angle should be utilized on a knee radiograph if a patient measures greater than 25cm?

A. None

B. 5 degrees

C. 10 degrees

D. 15 degrees

For the “high” image femur, how much should you rotate the leg?

A. 5-10 degrees

B. 10-15 degrees

C. 15-20 degrees

D. 25 degrees

How much should the knee be flexed for a lateral femur radiograph?

A. 10-15

B. 20-30

C. 45

D. 90

Where is the CR placed for the AP, INTERNAL and EXTERNAL knee radiographs?

A. At the patella

B. 1/2 inch superior to patellar base

C. 1/2 inch inferior to patellar apex

D. 1 inch inferior to patellar apex

What is the kVp range for a femur radiograph?

A. 65-70

B. 75-85

C. 80-90

D. 90-100


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