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The Human Eye Quiz


These are the structures in the eye that perceives color

A. Rods

B. Cones

C. Blind Spot

D. Pupil

If you were to accidentally scratch the outermost part of your eye, which part would you damage?

A. The cornea

B. The lens

C. The retina

D. The pupil

What is letter F?

A. Retina

B. Pupil

C. Vitreous humor

D. Iris

This shape is

A. Convex

B. Concave

Farsightedness can be caused by ___________________.

A. A cornea that is flat

B. A cornea that is too curved

C. A cornea or lens that is smooth and unevenly curved

D. A lens that is less flexible, so the light entering the eye converges at a point behind the retina

What is the aqueous humor?

A. fibers that hold the lens in place

B. thin structure that controls pupil

C. clear, watery fluid

D. helps refract light to the retina

Which parts of your eye are transparent?

A. retina

B. optic nerve

C. cornea and lens

D. iris

How are rods different from cones?

A. Rods are sensitive to light, while cones can detect color.

B. Cones are sensitive to light, while rods can detect color.

C. Cones send images to the brain, while rods do not.

D. Rods send images to the brain, while cones do not.

Which part of the eye is where images are converted to nerve impulses?  

A. Retina

B. Cornea

C. Optic Nerve

D. Lens

This structure focuses the images in the environment

A. Sclera

B. Lens

C. Retina

D. Cones

Which image shows a person with nearsightedness?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

Which of the following is the correct order in which light travels through the eye?  

A. Cornea, Lens, Retina, Pupil, Optic Nerve

B. Pupil, Cornea, Lens, Retina, Optic Nerve

C. Cornea, Retina, Lens, Pupil, Optic Nerve

D. Cornea, Pupil, Lens, Retina, Optic Nerve

Which image shows a person with farsightedness?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

May be corrected with contacts and/or glasses

A. Myopia

B. Hyperopia

C. Both

What is the sclera?

A. clear structure that bends light to focus on the retina

B. white outer layer of the eyeball

C. clear layer that forms front of the eye

D. gel that fills space

Which image shows normal vision?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

Far objects appear blurry but close objects appear clear

A. Myopia

B. Hyperopia

C. Both

Which part of the eye opens in dark places and closes in bright places?  

A. Cornea

B. Retina

C. Pupil

D. Lens


A. Myopia

B. Hyperopia

C. Both

To correct fuzzy vision, many people may wear:

A. hats

B. goggles

C. glasses

D. binoculars

The vitreous humor is a liquid inside of your eye.  When light passes from the lens into the vitreous, the light changes medium.  What happens to light because of this medium change? 

A. Light is transmitted.

B. Light is reflected.

C. Light is refracted.

D. Light is absorbed. 

What eye condition would be best treated by wearing spectacles with lenses shaped like this?

A. Hyperopia (Far-sightedness)

B. Myopia (Near-sightedness)

Surgery that reshapes the cornea to correct refractive errors of the eye:


B. corneal transplant

C. scleral buckle

D. phacoemulsification

This shape is

A. Convex

B. Concave

Which muscles affect the thickness of the lens?

A. Ciliary

B. Iris

C. Lens


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