Medical Quiz

Public Health and Genetic Disease Quiz


Ebola is a type of which hazard?

A. Social

B. Chemical

C. Biological

D. Physical

Who is considered the father of epidemiology?

A. Edward Jenner

B. Jonas Salk

C. John Snow

D. Hippocrates

A disease that has appeared in the human population for the first time or that has existed for a while, but is increasing rapidly or spreading around the world is called

A. environmental

B. pandemic

C. emerging

D. infection

Animals that live in Chernobyl after the nuclear fallout are at risk of which hazard?

A. Social

B. Chemical

C. Biological

D. Physical

The study of toxic substances

A. Biology

B. Toxicology

C. Epidemiology

D. Pathogens

Fragile X

A. causes cognitive impairment

B. occurs on the X chromosome

C. causes learning disabilities

D. all of these are characteristics of Fragile X

Which is not a public health hazard category?

A. Physical

B. Social

C. Emotional

D. Biological

This genetic disorder is caused by non-disjunction of the 21st chromosome. It is one of the most common chromosomal disorders.

A. Turner syndrome

B. Hunington Disease

C. Down syndrome

D. Myopia

What is the effect as a result to exposure of a substance?

A. dose

B. response

C. toxicology

D. threshold dose

A genetic disorder is an abnormal condition that a person inherits through genes or chromosomes?



The process of measuring the chance that an environmental hazard will cause harm is called what?

A. toxicology

B. epidemiology

C. dose-response relationship

D. risk assessment

The amount of a harmful chemical that a person is exposed to is

A. Persistent Chemical

B. Dose-Response Curve

C. Dose

D. Threshold Dose

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder in which the body produces thick mucus in the lungs and intestines,



Vaping is an example of which hazard?

A. Social

B. Chemical

C. Biological

D. Physical

Health care experts who study trends in health issues in populations and deploy public announcements, education initiatives, and protocols to protect the health of the nation.

A. epidemiologists

B. dermatologists

C. medical examiners

D. immunologist

What are chemicals that cause cancer called?

A. carcinogen

B. hazard

C. teratogen

D. neurotoxin

Mutations are a change in what?



C. genotype

D. phenotype

Any virus, bacteria, fungi, or parasite that can cause a disease in a living thing is called a

A. cancer.

B. pathogen.

C. gene.

D. toxin.

Skin cancer is a type of which hazard?

A. Social

B. Chemical

C. Biological

D. Physical


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