Medical Quiz

Movement and Locomotion Quiz


The arthritis is disease caused by wearing of the

A. bones

B. muscles

C. tendon

D. cartilage

when the circular muscle contract, the longitudinal muscle relax, the earthworm become

A. shorter and thinner

B. shorter and thicker

C. longer and thinner

D. longer and thicker

When the arm is bent, the bicep

A. contract

B. relax

which of the following is not the adaptation of fish in water

A. streamlined shape

B. has chatae

C. has slimy body

D. has swim bladder

The skeletal muscle can only contract and relax.



Which of the following is the muscle in the earthworm

A. flexor

B. extensor

C. circular

D. myotome

which of the following control yawing and rolling of fish

A. dorsal fins

B. pectoral fins

C. pelvic fins

D. caudal

Which of the following is not the adaptations of birds for flying?

A. streamlined shape

B. hollow bones

C. deep carina

D. 3 chambers of heart

Myotome muscles are ___ shaped muscle segment found on both sides of fish spine.

A. Z

B. W

C. Y

D. H


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