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The more reliable method to determine order of a reaction

A. Graphic method

B. Half life method

C. Substitution method

D. None

The time required for the concentration of the reactant to reduce to half of its initial concentration is known as

A. Order

B. Shelf Life

C. Molecularity

D. Half life

Which one of the following orders have abundant applications in biological processes?

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

D. Zero

The half life of a first order reaction is 4 years. What is shelf life.

A. 0.02

B. 0.03

C. 0.17

D. 0.61

The integral equation for a reaction K=X/at.x/(a-x) is concerned with the order.

A. First

B. Pseudo first

C. Second

D. Zero

In a second order reaction a=b. 20% of the reaction is completed in 500 seconds.calculate the time required for reaction to complete 60%.

A. 300 sec

B. 100sec

C. 4000sec

D. 50sec

A second order reaction follows pseudo first order reaction when the concentrations of

A. 2 reactants are high

B. 2 reactants are low

C. One reactant is far higher than other reactant

D. 2 reactants are equal

In chemical kinetics the rate of reaction is expressed as (-dc/dt) where dc, refers to which concentration?

A. Catalyst

B. Product

C. Reactant

D. Solvent medium

Which of the following dosage forms exhibit faster rate of reaction under normal conditions

A. Emulsions

B. Ointments

C. Solutions

D. Suspensions

The conversion of trans-stilbene to cis-stilbene follows the molecularity

A. Bimolecular

B. Termolecular

C. Unimolecular

D. Zero molecular

In the photochemical degradation of multisulphapreparation the order that a reaction does follow is

A. First

B. Pseudo first

C. Second

D. Zero

In reactions that follow 1st order kinetics,half life is expressed by equation.

A. 0.693/k1

B. 0.301/k1

C. 0.105/k1

D. K1/0.693

Following is the example of first order reaction.

A. Acid hydrolysis of ethylacetate

B. Oxidation of vitamin-A

C. Alkaline hydrolysis of ethylacetate

D. None

In the degradation studies of aspirin suspension the orders observed initially and at the end

A. First, second

B. First,zero

C. Second,first

D. Zero, first

In a chemical reaction the rate constant is independent of the initial concentration.which of them is the order

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

D. Zero


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