Medical Quiz

First Aid Quiz


A sign of a first degree burn is…..

A. only the outer layer of skin

B. a deep burn to the bone

C. appears wet

How do you treat a minor cut on your arm?

A. Apply pressure to the wound, clean the wound and put on a clean bandage.

B. Applying pressure is good enough.

C. Sit down and rest.

D. Call the ambulance.

a sweater/jacket and a tree limb can be used to make what?

A. a fire

B. splint

C. new outfit

D. blanket

Adriana was climbing a tree with her brothers and she fell and banged her head on the way down. She said she is fine but doesn’t know her mother’s name.

A. shock

B. anaphylactic shock

C. shook

D. 1st degree burn

Ticks can transmit this disease……

A. Lyme Disease

B. Lemonade

C. Tick Disease

D. Cancer

What is the treatment for someone that has hypothermia (extremely cold)?

A. Give them a drink of water

B. Put them in a hot bath

C. Slowly warm them up

D. Tell them to run around

In order to stop the bleeding, you need to stop the blood flow from above the site?



You do this to crawfish when you eat them?

A. photograph

B. decapitate

C. hypothermia

D. hyperthermia

Pain may not be present due to nerve damage?

A. 1st degree

B. 2nd degree

C. 3rd degree

Avoid contact with stray animals and bats because they could have……

A. bat flu

B. covid-19

C. rabies

Involves the first 2 layers of skin

A. 1st degree burn

B. 2nd degree burn

C. 3rd degree burn


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