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Microbio (Viruses) Quiz


How would a scientist design an oncolytic virus?

A. Prevent it from replicating in normal tissues

B. Make it produce factors that weaken the immune response

C. Just use a wild-type (regular) version of the virus

D. Randomly mutate wild-type virus until it is more virulent

Inhibition of the interaction between HIV gp120 and host T cell CD4 would…

A. Prevent viral attachment to T helper cells

B. Allow attachment, but prevent replication

C. Allow replication, but prevent budding

D. Allow budding, but virions would be noninfectious

A cell expressing heparan sulfate is vulnerable to infection by…

A. Adenovirus

B. Herpes simplex virus

C. Rabies virus

D. Mouse norovirus

HIV reverse transcriptase…

A. Copies genomic RNA to DNA

B. Makes few mistakes during replication

C. Degrades DNA after replication

D. Has protease activity

How do oncogenic viruses contribute to cancer?

A. They slow down cell cycle progression

B. They prevent genome instability

C. They provoke an immune response

D. They stop programmed cell death

Some viruses have a phospholipid membrane. This is derived from…

A. The extracellular environment

B. Host nuclear membrane

C. Translation of viral genes

D. Host plasma membrane

Phage lambda attachment and entry into E. coli…

A. Involves a bacterial porin, LamB

B. DNA must pass through one membrane only

C. Starts with rolling circle replication

D. Requires cro protein

Oncogenic viruses…

A. Contribute to only 5% of human cancers worldwide

B. Include papillomavirus and polyomavirus

C. Only target the liver and white blood cells

D. Include RNA viruses, but not DNA viruses

You isolate an infectious, acellular pathogen from a potato. It may be a…

A. Bacteriophage

B. Mimivirus

C. Viroid

D. Prion

Getting rid of phage lambda protein “cII” would cause…

A. Entry into the lytic cycle rather than lysogenic cycle

B. Integration of the phage into the bacterial genome

C. Prevention of viral DNA injection

D. Blockade of theta replication

What is FALSE about herpes simplex virus replication?

A. Viral protein ICP34.5 allows it to replicate in the lungs

B. Genome is copied via rolling circle replication

C. Envelope proteins must be glycosylated by the host cell

D. Capsid is imported into the nucleus after entry

Viral genomes are protected by…

A. Polysaccharide network

B. Protein coat known as a capsid

C. Double membrane

D. Cytoskeleton proteins forming a ring

What is TRUE about retroviral genes?

A. env codes for matrix & capsid proteins

B. gag codes for reverse transcriptase

C. env is cleaved by viral protease into gp160

D. pol codes for a polyprotein, processed by viral protease

What is TRUE about herpes simplex virus latency?

A. Lytic cycle genes are actively expressed

B. Emotional stress promotes virus latency

C. HSV-1 goes dormant in motor neurons

D. Viral protein VP16 is involved in HSV reactivation

Why are prions so lethal?

A. They involve RNA misfolding

B. They mainly affect the respiratory system

C. No cure has yet been found for them

D. They are easily transmissible through the air

Viruses can have the following genetic material, EXCEPT…

A. double-stranded RNA

B. single-stranded RNA

C. triple-stranded DNA

D. single-stranded DNA

Which is NOT a possible capsid morphology (shape)?

A. tetrahedral

B. helical

C. icosahedral

D. complex

Oncolytic viruses…

A. Contribute to cancer getting worse (metastasis)

B. Alert the immune system to cancer cells

C. Suppress T cell function

D. Increase the risk of leukemia

Viral life cycles…

A. Involve a specific host

B. Prefer certain tissue or cell types (tropism)

C. Can be lytic or lysogenic

D. All of the above

Phage replication is indicated by…

A. Turbidity (opaqueness) on a bacterial lawn

B. Clearings (plaques) on a bacterial lawn

C. Inability to pass through a membrane filter

D. Growth on mammalian cells


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