Medical Quiz

Health and Social Care Quiz


Cost, resources and physical access are all what?

A. Barriers

B. Referrals

C. Care needs

D. Care sectors

If a neighbour offers to provide care and support for you after recovering from an operation, what type of care is this?

A. Primary Care

B. Informal Care

C. Secondary Care

D. Tertiary Care

If a person goes to the hospital to receive a blood transfusion, but returns home in 6 hours, it is called _______ care.

A. hospice

B. acute

C. subacute

D. Outpatient

I had hip surgery last week but now I am going to need 6 weeks of physical therapy. I live alone and cannot take care of myself. I will require ____________ care.

A. hospice

B. skilled

C. rehabilitation

D. adult day

You work in a hospital or community setting.
The work varies depending on where you’re based. In a hospital, for example, you may be washing and dressing patients, serving meals and helping to feed patients, helping people to move around, toileting, making beds, talking to patients and making them comfortable, monitoring patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight.
A. Care manager
B. Health care assistant
C. Nurse practitioner
D. Support worker

What does NHS stand for?
A. National Health Service
B. Natural Health Society
C. Nice Hot Sunshine
D. Nearly Hometime… …super!

A GP will refer a patient to a secondary health care service…



What is professional referral?

A. When you take yourself to a care practitioner for help

B. When you take a neighbour to an appointment

C. When a care professional such as a GP refers you to another care professional

D. When a care professional such as social services removes a child from an unsafe home


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