Medical Quiz

Digestive and Circulatory System Quiz


Which system allows blood to circulate throughout the body to transport oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues?

A. Nervous

B. Respiratory

C. Circulatory

Water is absorbed in which digestive organ?

A. large intestines

B. pancreas

C. small intestines

D. liver

Fights disease and infection. Made by the lymphatic system.

A. white blood cells

B. red blood cells

C. circulatory system

D. blood

The system that breaks down food into nutrients.

A. lymphatic

B. respiratory

C. nervous

D. digestive

Why is the esophagus/food pipe important?

A. To swallow food

B. To choke

C. To make your breath smelly

D. None of these

Which organ connects the mouth to the stomach?

A. mouth

B. esophagus

C. stomach

D. small intestines

Delivers oxygen to your body cells. Made in bone marrow.

A. white blood cell

B. red blood cell

C. respiratory system

D. lungs

Nutrients are absorbed in which digestive organ?

A. large intestines

B. mouth

C. small intestines

D. stomach

Which organ starts the process of digestion?

A. salivary glands

B. stomach

C. teeth and tongue

D. small intestines

These blood vessels take oxygenated blood to the body cells.

A. heart

B. artery

C. vein

D. capillary

Which organ is part of the circulatory system?

A. stomach

B. lungs

C. heart

D. mouth

These blood vessels carry deoxygenated blood to the lungs.

A. heart

B. capillaries

C. veins

D. arteries

The digestive system works with which system to distribute nutrients to the cells of your body?

A. skeletal

B. circulatory

C. respiratory

D. digestive


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