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Gene Expression Quiz


Which of these can cause a gene to be expressed more – that is, can cause more protein to be made from it?

A. removal of methyl groups from the DNA

B. loosening of how tight the DNA is coiled around histones

C. both of these are correct

At what stage in the life of identical twins is the epigenome expected to be most similar?

A. Age 6 months

B. Age 21

C. Age 55

D. Trick quesiton; the epigenome never changes

The disc shaped protein core that DNA wraps around is called

A. histone

B. nucleosome

C. chromatin

D. gene

Protein molecules around which DNA is tightly coiled in chromatin

A. Histones

B. Whey

C. Casein

D. Hemoglobin

Epigenetics modulates genetic expression:

A. differently in each cell in the body.

B. by altering the genome.

C. in response to only intracellular processes.

D. consistently throughout an individual’s life.

True or False: Epigenetic changes can be passed on to future generations.



A traumatic event experienced by an organism can affect the health of its children and grandchildren. This can happen through inherited:

A. epigenetic tags.

B. polypetide chains.

C. transcription factors.

D. DNA nucleotide patterns.

What is methylation?

A. The addition of methyl groups to DNA so that it becomes more tightly wound to the histone proteins

B. The removal of methyl groups to inhibit transcription

C. The addition of methyl groups to the histone proteins so that the DNA becomes more loosely bound

D. The removal of methyl groups to enhance transcription

The chemical compound modifications to the DNA code that can tell the DNA code what to do

A. genome

B. epigenome

C. microgenetics

D. RNA codon

The complete instructions for making an organism, consisting of all the genetic material in that organism’s chromosomes.

A. genome

B. epigenome

C. genetic markers

D. RNA codon

The difference between DNA code and the epigenome is that the DNA code is

A. flexible, while the epigenome is fixed for life

B. fixed for life, while the epigenome is flexible

C. determined by the environment, while the epigenome is not

D. determined by one’s stress level, while the epigenome is not

Gene expression is the ability for a gene to be:

A. in the genome.

B. transcribed.

C. non-coding.

D. a dominant allele.

All the genes in both a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell are expressed at the same time.



Made of chromatin and become visible during cell division

A. chromosomes

B. histones

C. mitochondria

D. nucleosomes

True or False: Epigenetic changes are permanent.



The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself

A. hypogenomics

B. epigenetics

C. microgenomics

D. none of these


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