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The Brain Our Control Center Quiz


The pons connects the brainstem to the:

A. cerebellum

B. thalamus

C. hypothalamus

Makes decisions, plans, reasons, and carries out behaviors

A. Frontal Lobe

B. Parietal Lobe

C. Occipital Lobe

D. Temporal Lobe

Lobe that plays a major role in the following functions/actions -Senses and integrates sensation(s) -Touch, pressure, temperature and pain; Spatial awareness and perception

A. Frontal

B. Parietal

C. Temporal 

D. Occipital

A tumor on the temporal lobe would most affect the career of 

A. an architect

B. a musician

C. a professor

D. a researcher

The classic case of railroad worker Phineas Gage best illustrated that frontal lobe damage can

A. prevent REM rebound.

B. enhance moral reasoning skills.

C. alter one’s personality.

D. facilitate neurogenesis.

Jack fell off of his bike and hit his head. He sat up and his vision was quite blurred. Identify the area of the brain he may have injured.

A. frontal lobe

B. temporal lobe

C. occipital lobe

D. parietal lobe

Maria is having difficulty with speech. She wants to say she ‘needs milk from the store’, but what she does say is ‘mint go from stair’. Maria is likely to be suffering from which disorder?

A. Wernicke’s aphasia

B. Geschwind’s territory aphasia

C. Spatial neglect

D. Broca’s aphasia

Damage to the medulla would most likely result in 

A. impaired planning abilities

B. death

C. a coma

D. blindness

The split-brain procedure involves the cutting of this

A. Cerebral Cortex

B. Cerebellum

C. Corpus Callosum

D. Caudate Nucleus

What region receives information from the visual and auditory senses?

A. Midbrain

B. Reticular Formation

C. Cerebrum

D. Thalamus

The set of neural fibres that connect the two hemispheres is known as:

A. the cerebral cortex.

B. the corpus callosum.

C. the cerebrum.

D. the thalamus.

Which limbic system structure regulates thirst and body temperature?

A. medulla

B. amygdala

C. hippocampus

D. hypothalamus

Split brain surgery is a rare but effective treatment for extreme…

A. Stroke

B. Memory loss

C. Parkinson’s Disease

D. Epilepsy

The Cerebellum helps…

A. Control your emotions.

B. Your muscles work together and keep you balance.

C. You think and speak.

D. You find your memories.

Which part of the brain is involved in the maintenance of basic life functions?

A. limbic system

B. peripheral system

C. medulla

D. amygdala

The occipital lobe controls __________.

A. Vision

B. Problem Solving

C. Memory 

D. Arithmetic & Spelling

The most complex part of the human brain is the:

A. cerebrum

B. thalamus

C. hypothalamus

What is the outer layer of the cerebrum called? It’s responsible for information processing.

A. hypothalamus

B. thalamus

C. cerebral cortex

A  person has difficulty speaking possibly due to a stroke.

A. Broca’s Aphasia

B. Wernicke’s Aphasia

C. Visual Agnosia

D. Neglect Syndrome

Language comprehension. Located on the Left Temporal Lobe

A. Primary Auditory Cortex

B. Primary Olfactory Cortex

C. Wernicke’s Area

D. Central Sulcus

The Cerebrum is the largest part of your brain.




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