Medical Quiz

Respiration Quiz


Tiny little sac’s called Alveoli are found at the end of lots of branches of:

A. Bronchi

B. Bronchioles

C. Lungs

D. Small intestine

How does glucose get into a plant?

A. Water goes up the roots

B. Digestion

C. Photosynthesis (it makes glucose)

D. Herbivore

Respiration is the process of:

A. Breathing

B. Making Energy from oxygen and glucose

C. Mitochondria

D. Digestion

When glucose and oxygen are combined in the mitochondria of animal cells what process does this match from MRS GREN?

A. Reproduction

B. Respiration

C. Sensitivity

D. Nutrition

Alveoli are surrounded by lots of blood capillaries so that a big surface area allows the oxygen to get ____ into the blood stream

A. mitochondria

B. soaked

C. absorbed

D. ingested

What organisms that NOT undergo respiration

A. Animals

B. Plants

C. Rocks

D. Fish

What process in an animal allows glucose to get into the blood?

A. Photosynthesis

B. Inhailation

C. Respiration

D. Digestion

What colour is the large intestine where water is reabsorbed?