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Histology - Tissues Quiz


Relatively thick tissue, outer layer of skin

A. stratified squamous

B. simple squamous

C. stratified cuboidal

D. simple columnar

Which type of cartilage is found in the external ear?

A. Elastic

B. Hyaline

C. Fibrous

This connective tissue has red cells, white cells, and a fluid matrix called plasma.

A. Blood

B. Areolar

C. Cartilage

D. Adipose

What is the job of wandering cells?

A. fetch necessary components for cellular metabolism

B. bind separate areas together

C. respond to injury or infection

D. find their way to cells that need assistance

Which of the following types of muscle tissue are voluntary?

A. Skeletal

B. Cardiac

C. Smooth

Consists of several layers, rare in body, makes up male urethra

A. transitional

B. glandular

C. stratified columnar

D. pseudostratified columnar

Composed of cells that are specialized to secrete into ducts or into body fluids.

A. simple cuboidal

B. glandular

C. stratified cuboidal

D. transitional

The matrix areas in connective tissue have which of the following purposes?

A. cyber intelligence

B. responds to injury and infection

C. filters substances that can be harmful

D. helps bind

Some have goblet cells, most have cilia, microvilli, found in uterus and digestive tract

A. Simple columnar

B. Simple squamous

C. Stratified squamous

D. Stratified cuboidal

Which is the most rigid of all connective tissues?

A. Muscle

B. Bone

C. Cartilage

D. Nerves

Appear layered, but actually are not

A. simple columnar

B. pseudostratified columnar

C. stratified columnar

D. simple cuboidal

Blood vessels, air sacs and membranes are made of this tissue. It is easily damaged because it is so thin

A. simple columnar

B. simple cuboidal

C. stratified columnar

D. simple squamous

A thin sheet of flat cells

A. simple columnar

B. simple squamous

C. simple cuboidal

D. transitional

Which type of tissue is thin and delicate with large areas of gel-like matrix (it can be found under the skin)?

A. Adipose, fat

B. bone

C. muscle

D. nervous

Lines larger ducts of mammary and seat glands, rare in body.

A. glandular

B. transitional

C. pseudostratified columnar

D. stratified cuboidal

Specialized to change in response to increased tension, expand

A. transitional

B. glandular

C. simple columnar

D. stratified cuboidal

Which type of cartilage is found in the tip of the nose and rings of the esophagus?

A. Fibrous

B. Elastic

C. Hyaline

Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 major tissue types?

A. Epithelial

B. Connective

C. Muscle

D. Nerve

E. Epidermis

Non-keratinized cells of this tissue line the mouth, they remain soft and alive.

A. stratified cuboidal

B. stratified squamous

C. pseudostratified columnar

D. stratified columnar

A single layer of cube shaped cells

A. simple squamous

B. stratified cuboidal

C. simple cuboidal

D. stratified squamous

Which of the following muscle tissue types does NOT have striations?

A. Cardiac

B. Smooth

C. Skeletal

Which of the following tissues binds structures together to provide support and protection?

A. Epithelial

B. Connective

C. Muscle

D. Nerve

True or False: Nerve cells can only be found in the brain.



Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 types of fibroblasts?

A. Collagenous

B. elastic

C. reticular

D. bone


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