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Type 1 Diabetes Quiz


During pregnancy women with type 1 diabetes need

A. The same amount of insulin as before

B. A different amount of insulin

C. Equal amount of insulin

How is the fasting blood glucose test administered?

A. The patient fasts for 8 hrs all dm medications are with held until the test is completed

B. Patient eats a regular meal but refrains from ingesting sugar sweetened beverages

C. The patient eats a regular and including ingesting sugar never

The cHO should provide how many calories for a diabetic patient to obtain a balance

A. 25-30%

B. 45-50%

C. 50-60%

D. 60-75%

Micro vascular complications of uncontrolled diabetes

A. Diarrhea

B. Delayed gastric emptying

C. Glomerular injury

D. Numbness of feet

Insulin is a natural hormone secreted by which organ or gland

A. Kidney

B. Liver

C. Pancreas

D. The spleen

Only children get type 1 diabetes



Which of the following may increase the insulin need of diabetes?

A. Isoniazid

B. Penicillin

C. Prednisone

D. Aspirin

Muscle pain is a sign of diabetes



Juvenile diabetes is also known as

A. Type 1 diabetes

B. Type 2 diabetes

C. Type 3 diabetes

D. Type 4 diabetes

Which type of insulin cannot be manually mixed in a syringe

A. Novolog

B. Humolog


D. Lantus

When a person has type 1 diabetes

A. There’s not enough insulin to move glucose from blood to the cells

B. There’s too much insulin and not enough glucose

C. The body has too much glucose

D. Insulin levels drop if the person doesn’t eat enough

To improve glycemic control the person should be educated about

A. Carbohydrates counting

B. Protein

C. Fat

D. Iron

Insulin is measure in



C. Units

D. Tsp

Humolog begins to take effect

A. 15 mns

B. 10-30 mns

C. 1-2 hrs

D. 1.1 hrs

CHO count/choice =Approx -cH0

A. 10-15

B. 25-30

C. 40-50

D. 50-55

The nurse enters a diabetic patients room at 11:30 and notices that the patient is diaphroetic,tachycardic,anxious and doesn’t remember where she is this patient is most likely showing signs of what?

A. Hyperglycemic

B. Hypoglycemic

C. Diabetes keto acidosis

D. Hyper coma

Which is considered as high glycemic index

A. >70

B. >50

C. >30

D. >10


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