Liveability Quiz


Why might Tokyo, Japan be considered a safe and stable city?

A. It has high rates of health and high crime rates.

B. It has low crime rates and high rates of health.

C. It has consistently high crime rates.

D. It has the most wealth of any city in the world.

What are subjective factors?

A. factors that we don’t care about

B. factors that can be measured

C. liveable factors are difficult to measure

Which of the following is not considered a description of a liveable place?

A. affordable

B. safe

C. easy to get around

D. exciting

Access to services e.g. shops and schools are examples of liveability criteria



Vienna is a liveable city because:

A. it has excellent infrastructure, such as public transport.

B. education there is the most expensive in the world.

C. it has enough theme parks for everyone in the country.

D. it has high crime rates.

Good public transport is considered a part of which measure of liveability?

A. safety and stability

B. environmental quality

C. climate

D. infrastructure

Which continent might be considered the most dangerous for outdoor air pollution?

A. Africa

B. Australia

C. North America

D. Asia

A place with high levels of crime and little access to clean water would have

A. High liveability

B. Low liveability

What is one reason Harare, Zimbabwe is considered a city with low liveability?

A. They have a healthy population.

B. There are very low crime rates.

C. Children do not behave.

D. There is not enough clean water to drink.

What is an objective factor?

A. Factors that can’t be measured

B. a target

C. Factors that can be measured

D. just another factor

What is liveability?

A. An assessment of how good or bad a place is to live in

B. How many people live in one place

C. How long people live in one place

D. The ability to live somewhere

Sydney was ranked the world’s most liveable city __ times in a row before Vienna took over it in 2019

A. 5

B. 8

C. 10

D. 2

Australiasia is an interesting region because:

A. it has some of the world’s most and least liveable cities

B. it has some of the world’s most liveable cities

C. it has some of the world’s least liveable cities

D. it is where I live

In a 2019 study of the world’s most liveable cities, Sydney is ranked:

A. top 20.

B. top 10.

C. top 100.

D. top 50.

Access to health care and education is…

A. an objective factor

B. a subjective factor

Subjective factors are…

A. personal likes and dislikes

B. infrastrucutre

C. climate

D. access to health care and education

Which of the following descriptions would represent the most liveable climate?

A. Hot temperatures, no rain

B. Freezing temperatures, no rain

C. Extremely hot temperatures, lots of rain

D. Mild temperatures, some rain

Which of the following factors woould reduce the liveability of a location?

A. Quality public transport

B. High housing prices

C. Large amounts of green spaces and parks

D. Low unemployment

The city pictured is considered one of the safest in the world. It is:

A. Texas

B. Tokyo

C. Kabul

D. Harare

Which of the following is one of the ten safest cities in the world?

A. Mogadishu, Somolia

B. Washington DC, USA

C. Singapore, Singapore

D. Johannesburg, South Africa

The least liveable cities are most likely to be in:

A. Asia and Australia.

B. Asia and Africa.

C. Europe and Africa.

D. Australia and Canada.

According to the Economist, which European city was the most liveable for 2018?

A. Frankfurt, Germany

B. Paris, France

C. Vienna, Austria

D. London, England

Which city is the most desirable to live in?

A. Perth

B. Johannesburg

C. Damascus

D. Harare

What about Perth’s climate makes it liveable?

A. It experiences extreme colds in winter and extreme heat in summer which balances everything out.

B. Its average temperature is tolerable even though it receives little rainfall all year.

C. It experiences high temperatures year round.

D. Its average temperature is tolerable and it receives a decent amount of rain.

According to the graph shown here, which form of transport produces the least greenhouse gas emissions?

A. Bike or walking

B. Large 4WD: driver only

C. Average car: driver only

D. Fuel-efficient car: 4 people


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