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Health Unit Coordinating Quiz


One of the benefits of being a member of the NAHUC is:

A. it provides more friends on social networks.

B. it impresses friends.

C. it provides a forum for sharing ideas and challenges.

D. the conventions are so much fun.

The abbreviation that indicates the student status of the health unit coordinator is:





The physician has written an order for a blood test on a patient’s paper chart. The role of the HUC would be to:

A. draw the blood sample.

B. explain the reason for the test to the patient.

C. interpret the results and advise the family.

D. transcribe the blood test order and enter it into the computer.

The NAHUC requires certified HUCs to be recertified to:

A. raise money to maintain the association.

B. ensure that they stay current in their field of practice.

C. assist HUCs to maintain their NAHUC membership.

D. assist HUCs to keep their current job.

The HUC position was created during World War II because:

A. nurses went on strike to protest the war.

B. many were out of work, and creating this position provided jobs.

C. a critical shortage of nurses occurred.

D. patients required more care.

Working HUCs can prepare for changes involving the EMR with CPOE by:

A. becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

B. taking nursing assistant classes.

C. finding another job.

D. taking additional computer classes.

One of the benefits of CPOE is that:

A. the HUC will have time to take earned breaks.

B. the doctor will spend less time at the hospital.

C. the HUC will not have the responsibility of reading doctors’ handwriting.

D. the nurses will have more time to spend with patients.

Transcription for HUCs means:

A. the HUC may order anything he/she wants.

B. the HUC will process the physician’s orders.

C. the HUC will type dictated notes for the doctor.

D. the HUC will send the physician’s order to medical transcription.

A CDSS is a computer program that:

A. Assists nurses in interpreting doctors’ orders

B. Assists the HUC when rewriting doctors’ orders.

C. provides alerts when there is a conflict in the doctors’ orders at the point of entry.

D. provides assistance for ancillary personnel who interpret doctors’ orders.

Which of the following tasks would be considered nonclinical?

A. Assisting a patient to the bathroom

B. Delivering a patient’s food tray

C. Scanning an electrocardiogram (EKG) into the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR)

D. Assisting a physician in changing a patient’s dressing

The abbreviation CPOE means:

A. controlled physician orders executed.

B. computerized partial orders entered

C. computer physician order entry.

D. compact physician orders entered.

The physician has written an order for a blood test on the patient’s paper chart. The role of the HUC is to:

A. draw the blood sample

B. explain the reason for the test to the patient.

C. interpret the results and advise the family.

D. transcribe the blood test order and enter it into the computer.

Which of the following is one of the tasks the HUC is responsible for in assisting the doctor?

A. Placing calls to or receiving calls from his/her office

B. Obtaining coffee for the doctor upon request

C. Entering orders into the patient’s EMR when the doctor is in a hurry

D. Doing a food run to the cafeteria when the doctor does not have time to go to lunch

A requirement for certification of the HUC is:

A. passing the national certification examination administered by the NAHUC.

B. passing an examination given by the nurses’ association.

C. passing all of the courses taken in a college curriculum.

D. establishing a minimum level of athletic performance.

One of the reasons to become certified is:

A. increased credibility.

B. a guaranteed pay raise

C. an opportunity to work the exact shift desired.

D. a guaranteed promotion

A visitor with a complaint approaches the nurses’ station where several staff members are seated. The first person to handle this complaint is generally the:

A. nurse manager.

B. physician

C. respiratory therapist.


An example of a clinical task is:

A. answering a patient’s request on the intercom.

B. filing reports in patients’ charts.

C. Starting an intravenous line

D. Answering the unit telephone

One of the responsibilities added to the HUC role with the implementation of the EMR is:

A. assisting all doctors with changing patients’ dressings.

B. writing each patient’s doctors’ orders on a worksheet for the nurse.

C. typing handwritten doctors’ orders into the patient’s EMR.

D. scanning reports sent from other facilities, EKGs, and other documents as requested into the patient’s EMR.

Other nonclinical career choices that the HUC may pursue would be:


B. Health information manager.



Which of the following statements is true and something to keep in mind when locating information on the Internet?

A. Information may be found that is old, outdated, or not reliable or worthwhile.

B. If information is located on the Internet, it has to be accurate.

C. Information located on the Internet is always maintained and is current.

D. Certain search engines provide only reliable information.

E-prescribing reduces the risk of errors and occurs when:

A. the HUC enters the medication orders into the computerized medical administration record (MAR) rather than a paper MAR.

B. the doctor enters prescription information into a computer and sends it directly to the pharmacy computer.

C. the nurse enters the medication administration information into a patient’s EMR or computerized MAR.

D. the patient’s doctor electronically sends a prescription directly to the patient.

Which of the following is the first step in the evolution of any profession?

A. Certification or licensure

B. Formal education

C. On-the-job training

D. Formation of a national association

When the EMR with CPOE is implemented, the HUC position will:

A. become more administrative and will involve more customer service.

B. be eliminated.

C. become clinical and will involve patient care.

D. not change; the HUC will still transcribe doctors’ orders.

The HUC could be cross trained in the following position in the hospital setting:


B. Certified respiratory therapist (CRT)

C. Personal care associate (PCA)

D. Certified physical therapist (CPT)


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