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Proteins, Amino Acids, & Enzymes Quiz


What are some functions of proteins, Except?

A. Store & transmit heredity

B. Help to fight disease

C. Control the rate of reactions

D. Regulate cell processes

E. Build tissues such as bone and muscle

All catalysts are enzymes



Monomers of Proteins are

A. Monosaccharides

B. Fatty Acids & Glycerol

C. Amino Acids

D. Nucleotides

Enzymes are made up of amino acids, so they are

A. Carbohydrates

B. Lipids

C. Proteins

D. Nucleic Acids

Is an enzyme/catalyst used up in a reaction?

A. Yes

B. No

Nucleic Acids are our

A. Proteins



D. Enzymes

E. B and C

Which of the following is a Macromolecule and NOT a monomer?

A. a glucose molecule

B. an amino acid

C. a nucleotide

D. a protein

Monomers of Nucleic Acids are

A. Monosaccharides

B. Fatty Acids & Glycerol

C. Amino Acids

D. Nucleotides

Proteins contain what elements?

A. Carbon

B. Hydrogen

C. Oxygen

D. Nitrogen

E. All above

What makes a compound organic?

A. It has Hydrogen.

B. It has Oxygen.

C. It has Carbon.

D. It has Nitrogen.

Enzymes change the

A. products of the reaction

B. speed of the reaction

C. temperature of the reaction

D. pH of the reaction

What are some things that cause denaturation, Except?

A. pH

B. Temperature

C. Concentration (amount) of the enzyme being used

D. Speed of reaction

Do enzymes have the same shape as their corresponding substrates?

A. Yes

B. No

Do enzymes/catalysts increase or decrease the activation energy of a chemical reaction?

A. Increase

B. Decrease


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