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Malaria Quiz


Malaria exists in all the countries in the world.



Which mosquito species spreads malaria?

A. Anopheles mosquito

B. Aedes mosquito

C. Culex mosquito

Which mosquito drinks blood?

A. Female

B. Male

C. Both male and female

D. Mosquitoes don’t drink blood

World Malaria Day was first held in ______.

A. 2001

B. 2020

C. 1993

D. 2008

Which condition may provide some resistance to malaria?

A. Sickle cell trait

B. G6PD deficiency

C. Alpha-thalassemia

D. All of the above

World Malaria day is celebrated on ___.

a. 23 May

b. 24 April

c. 25 April

d. 26 June

How do humans get malaria?

A. Ingesting contaminated food

B. Getting bitten by a vector

C. Swimming in an infected lake

D. Using a homemade solution for contact lenses

The word “malaria” originates from the Mediaeval Italian words mala aria. What does this translate to?

A. Bad water

B. Bad air

C. Bad blood

D. Bad bite

The study of insects is called _____

A. Anthropology

B. Endocrinology

C. Archeology

D. Entomology

Malaria’s symptoms are ______________________.

A. Fever, chills and headache

B. Vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea

C. Headache, diarrhea and chills

The WHO has been certifying countries to be malaria-free since 1955. Which of the following has NOT yet been certified?

A. Cuba

B. El Salvador

C. Sri Lanka

D. Philippines


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