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Humanistic and Biological Psychology Quiz


What is existentialism?

A. a philosophy concerned with the meaning of life

B. religion based on the pursuit of worldly pleasure

C. a philosophy concerned with death

D. a school of thought based on the idea nothing matters

What is an example of love and belonging?

A. Accomplishing your biggest dreams

B. Showing and receiving affection

C. Feeling proud of yourself

D. Drinking water

A. Hypothalamus
B. Cerebellum
C. Hippocampus
D. Thalamus

Nathan believes that humans are not programmed robots and believes that humans have free will and that personality is about motive. What field of psychology would he agree with?
A. Psychoanalysis
B. Humanistic
C. Cognitive
D. Behaviorism

A. Frontal Lobe
B. Brain Stem
C. Cerebellum
D. Occipital Lobe

the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
A. psychology
B. biology
C. morality
D. behavior

Which branch of psychology would argue that a child who is hungry will not be able concentrate on schoolwork or being good in class?
A. Humanistic
B. Behavioral
C. Socio-Cultural
D. Biopsychosocial

What is the most important stage in the hierarchy of needs according to Maslow?

A. Self-Esteem

B. Love and Belonging

C. Self-Actualization

D. Safety and Security

What kind of reaction is the fight-or-flight response primarily?

A. cognitive

B. physiological

C. behavioral

What type of situation might trigger the fight-or-flight response?

A. persistent worrying

B. long-term stress

C. a threat from a predator

What method of psychology did Carl Rogers create?

A. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

B. Client-Centered Therapy

C. Emotion-Focused Therapy

D. Group Therapy

Alvin has trouble with memory due to his abnormally small hippocampus.

A. biological

B. evolutionary

C. behavioral

D. cognitive

Maslow’s hierarchy has 5 steps?

Identify the lobe of the brain
A. frontal
B. temporal
C. occipital
D. parietal

A. Frontal Lobe
B. Parietal Lobe
C. Occiptal Lobe
D. Temporal Lobe

What type of psychologist is most likely to wonder how the brain scans of someone experiencing an epileptic seizure differ from the scans of someone who has not had a seizure?
A. clinical
B. health
C. developmental
D. biological

What is the part highlighted in red?
A. Cerebrum
B. Cerebellum
C. Brain Stem
D. Diencephalon

A. Frontal Lobe
B. Parietal Lobe
C. Temporal Lobe
D. Occipital Lobe

What stage of needs on the hierarchy are the most basic? Necessary for survival!

A. Love and Belonging

B. Safety and Security

C. Physical

D. Self-Actualization

Pain tolerance is largely a result of the effects of endorphins and other neurochemicals.

A. Humanistic

B. Cognitive

C. Biological

D. Evolutionary

E. Socio-Cultural

Behavior is motivated by self-actualization and the promise of human potential.

A. Humanism

B. Cognitive

C. Behavioral

D. Biological

E. Psychoanalytic

What is an example of a safety and security need?

A. a home

B. family

C. food

D. sleep


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