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Where are people with Beri beri likely to live

A. Poor countries

B. Rich countries

C. under water

D. In the sky

What are the symptoms if you have Beri beri?

A. Muscles wasting away

B. Constantly bleeding

C. Lack of breath

D. Vomiting

which of the following is a function of B12

A. makes red blood cells

B. protects the skin

C. digestion

D. helps wounds repair

What is caused by too little Vitamin C?

A. Pellegra

B. Beri Beri

C. Scurvy

D. Rickets

what mineral does Vitamin D support

A. iron

B. calcium

C. sodium

D. iodine

What happens if you have too much Niacin?

A. Stomach pains

B. muscles wasting away

C. liver damage

D. blindness

What is Folic acid need for?

A. To prevent brain damage in newborn babies

B. To prevent anaemia in new born babies

C. To prevent Spina Bifida in new born babies

D. To prevent vomiting in New born babies

Which Vitamin helps you maintain a healthy connective tissue?

A. B1

B. B2

C. B12

D. C

What are the 3 D symptoms for Niacin deficiency?

A. dermatitis, headache, vomiting

B. dermatitis, diarrhoea, dementia

C. diarrhoea, vomiting, headache

D. diarrhoea, dementia, dog tiredness

what is the deficiency disease from too little Vitamin B1

A. Scurvy

B. Beriberi

C. Pellegra

D. Anaemia

Which of these Vitamins is an anti oxidant?

A. B1

B. B12

C. C

D. Niacin

Why do we need Vitamin B2?

A. Helps body release energy from food?

B. Makes Red blood cells

C. Stops Diarrhoea

D. Processes folic acid


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