Medical Quiz

Surgical Vocabulary Quiz


Analgesic is a medical term that means

A. surgical procedure

B. medicine that relieves pain

C. medicine that puts you to sleep

A hemostat is an instrument that:

A. is like a pair of scissors

B. is like a clamp that stops blood flow

C. Is very sharp and can cut skin

When someone vomits and inhales their own vomit, this is an example of:

A. indigestion


C. aspiration

D. ulcer

electrocautery is:

A. A physical therapy tool

B. A tool that burns skin and tissue and stops bleeding

C. A way to sterilize

A medical term that means “around surgery” or around the time of surgery is:

A. peripan

B. perisurgical

C. perioperative

D. periprocedure

Subcutaneous means:

A. under the skin

B. on top of the skin

C. in between the layers of the skin

If an ear infection is bilateral, what does that mean?

A. one sided

B. underneath

C. on top of

D. two sided

A word that mean inside the vein is:

A. intraabdominal

B. intraarterial

C. intravenous

D. intraoptic

A form of anesthesia is:

A. Local

B. Topical

C. Regional

D. All the above

A medicine that is administered in the lungs is an:

A. injection

B. inhalant

C. syrup

D. tablets


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