Medical Quiz

Physical Activity Quiz


Broken Bone

A. Fracture

B. concussion

C. sprain

Which is form of exercise

A. Walking

B. Swimming

C. Biking

D. All of the above

Physical activity that is structured, planned, and has a purpose of increasing physical fitness

A. physical activity

B. exercise

C. sedentary

serious injury in which the bones move out of their position

A. sprain

B. strain

C. dislocation

Any action when the body uses energy

A. Physical Activity

B. Exercise

C. Sedentary

brain chemicals released during physical activity that improve mood

A. endorphins

B. sedentary behaviors

C. Brain

D. Dallas Cowboys

injury caused by the freezing of skin and body tissues

A. sprain

B. dislocation

C. frostbite

Exercise used to improve cardiovascular health?

A. Aerobic

B. Flexibility

C. Strength

D. Sport

Percentage of body fat

A. Body fat

B. Body composition


D. Body

Muscular endurance weight training involves how many RM?

A. 16

B. 12

C. 8

D. 4

resource health professionals use to provide guidance on how people can improve their health through physical activity

A. Physical Activity Guidelines

B. Nutrition Guidelines

C. The hospital

What is a advantage to exercise?

A. Improve of quality life

B. Decrease chronic diseases

C. Stress relief

D. All of the above

Type of physical fitness a person needs to perform daily activities with ease and energy

A. health-related fitness

B. Aerobic

C. Anaerobic

ability to continue performing a physical activity over time

A. resistance

B. endurance

C. lifting weights

D. getting swole

The kind of fitting used to connect fixed pipe and fixtures is a

A. Wye fitting

B. Coupling

C. Union Fitting

D. Reducer

serious condition that results when the heat regulating mechanisms of the body are unable to deal with the heat from the environment, which results in a very high body temp

A. hyperthermia

B. hypothermia

What aspect of fitness does the following define: “The ability to use strength quickly to produce an explosive effort”

A. Agility

B. Muscular power

C. Muscular endurance

D. Estamina

Percentage of body fat

A. Body fat

B. Body composition


D. Body

type of physical fitness that improves a person’s performance in a particular sport or leisure activity

A. health related fitness

B. skill related fitness

C. agility

Ability to move joint in full range of motion

A. Flexibility

B. Play

C. Strength

D. Role conflict

Type of brain injury that results from a blow or jolt to the head or upper body

A. Fracture

B. Concussion

C. Head trama

serious condition that results when a person’s body loses heat faster than it can produce it

A. Hyperthermia

B. Hypothermia

Ability to rapidly change the body’s momentum and direction

A. agility

B. endurance

C. resistance

Which is not exercise

A. Walking

B. Swimming

C. Biking

D. Sitting

Any low intensity exercise where oxygen is used

A. Aerobic

B. Anaerobic

C. Exercise

D. Sleep


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