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Microbes and Infectious Disease Quiz


Which is not an example of a helpful microorganism?

A. Yeast to help bread rise

B. A virus used in a vaccine

C. Microbes used to clean oil spills

D. Bacteria that causes strep throat

Salmonella and E. Coli can be found on ________________ and ________________ so it is important to cook all meat to kill bacteria.

A. Waffles and scrambled eggs

B. Broccoli and steamed corn

C. Eggs and raw chicken

D. Sushi and Toaster Strudel

Which type of microbe reproduces by binary fission?

A. Bacteria

B. Viruses

C. Fungi

D. Protists

The process if disinfection eliminates all microorganisms on nonporous surfaces



What is one of the ways that antibiotics work? 

A. They can stop bacteria from reproducing

B. They can stop viruses from reproducing

C. They stop toxins from poisoning the tissues of hosts

D. They engulf the pathogens

_____ kill or stop the growth of germs

A. Antibodies

B. Vaccines

C. Antibiotics

Microorganisms can be found:

A. The the ocean, inside and outside your body

B. On plants and animals

C. In medicine and your food

D. All of the above

Some bacteria is known as ________________ and cause disease.

A. pathogens

B. flagella

C. influenza

D. ebola

Harmful bacteria produces cheese.



Turberculosis is a disease that was widespread during the turn of the century.  This disease is an example of…..

A. A helpful bacteria

B. A helpful fungi

C. A harmful bacteria

D. A harmful probiotic

What is true about bacteria?

A. Bacteria use photosynthesis to make their own food

B. Bacteria can only be found in dirt

C. Bacteria is always beneficial

D. Bacteria can be used to make certain foods

A eukaryotic organism that cannot be classified as an animal, plant, or fungus.

A. Protist

B. Virus

C. Bacteria

D. Capsid

A large group of one-celled organisms that sometimes cause disease .

A. Virus

B. Protist

C. Fungi

D. Bacteria

Which of the following is an effective method of preventing infection by Malaria?

A. Use pesticides to kill the mosquito (vector)

B. Quarantine the mosquitos that carry the parasite

C. Provide condoms to prevent transmission of parasite during sex

D. Drink plenty of water

Yogurt contains harmful bacteria.



A tiny, nonliving particle that invades and then reproduces inside a living cell.

A. Bacteria

B. Virus

C. Protist

D. Fungi

Probiotics are an example of ….

A. A microorganisms that can make people sic

B. A microorganism that lives in the ocean

C. An example of bacteria and all bacteria is harmful

D. an example of live bacteria and yeast that is helpful to humans by aiding in the digestion of food

Are microorganisms helpful or harmful?

A. Helpful

B. Harmful

C. Both

D. Neither

Bacteria can exist almost anywhere



What is an infectious disease?

A. A disease that can be spread from person to person

B. A disease that cannot be spread from person to person


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