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Branches of Microbiology Quiz


When a virus invades a living cell, its _______ takes over the cell’s functions.
A. outer coat
B. genetic material
C. core
D. cytoplasm

Phycology is the study of…

A. fish

B. fungi

C. bacteria

D. algae

Immunology is the study of…

A. the immune system

B. bacteria

C. viruses

What are some examples of food made by fungi
A. Bread
B. Cheese
C. Mushrooms
D. All of the above

A tapeworm lives in the intestines of its host. Which example best describes the relationship between the tapeworm and its host?

A. The tapeworm benefits from its host; however, the host is not affected.

B. The tapeworm does not benefit from its host, but the host does benefit.

C. The tapeworm benefits from its host, and the host is negatively affected.

Which two examples below are helpful bacteria?
A. Medicine and Cherry Coke
B. Yogurt and bread
C. Salmonella and E. Coli
D. Water and germs

Most bacteria are

A. Harmful

B. Helpful

C. Begnin

D. Cancer

Who can we thank for discovering parasites?

A. Oprah Winfrey

B. Louis Pasteur

C. Francesco Redi

D. Ignas Simmelweis

Which is NOT a groups used to classify parasites?

A. protozoa

B. bacteriophage

C. arthropods

D. helminths

What is the main purpose of the immune system?
A. support the body through bones and muscles
B. get rid of waste from the body
C. protect the body from pathogens
D. move blood through the body

Bacteria come in all of the following shapes EXCEPT which?
A. spiral
B. rod-like
C. rectangular
D. spherical

Microorganism that reproduces in the cells of other living things.

A. virus

B. bacteria

Viruses multiply: 
A. By conjungation
B. By taking over a cell’s functions
C. By binary fission
D. Both sexually and asexually

____________ are classified by their shape.
A. Bacteria
B. Flagella
C. Protists
D. Paramecium

Ringworm is caused by which pathogen?
A. Bacteria
B. Virus
C. Protist
D. Fungi

Which is an example of a disease caused by fungi
A. Diphtheria
B. The Common Cold
C. Strep Throat
D. Athlete’s Foot

Mycology is the study of….

A. fungi

B. bacteria

C. viruses

D. dogs

What is ring worm caused by?

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

C. Fungi

D. Parasite

An organism that lives on or in a host, and causes it harm while it takes its nutrients is called

A. a host

B. a parasite

C. a cell

D. a virus

Which disease is caused by bacteria?

A. Tuberculosis

B. Cancer

C. Ringworm

Organism that must live in another living thing in order to survive.

A. virus

B. parasite


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