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Food Quiz


What food group is the above food in?
A.     Grain
B.     Fruit
C.     Vegetable
D.     Fruit

Which one is Protective Foods

A. Vitamins and Minerals

B. Proteins

C. Carbohydrates

D. Fats

Materials required to prepare a food item are called _________

A. Nutrients

B. Ingredients

C. Nourishments

D. Minerals

Which of the following is incorrect?

A. Never push or kick someone while playing.

B. Do not run on the stairs.

C. Leave your toys and other things lying on the floor.

D. Never touch an electric switch with wet hands.

Which one of the following is a good protein source? 
A. Banana
B. Beans 
C. Bagels
D. Breakfast Bar 

Which one of the following is a herbivore?

A. kingfisher

B. camel

C. cat

D. hawk

Brinjal which is an ingredient in Brinjal curry is which part of the plant?

A. Seed

B. Flower

C. Fruit

D. Root

Which of the following is not a leaf?

A. Cabbage

B. Spinach

C. Cauliflower

D. Tulsi

What is the main reason why carbohydrates should be the majority of your diet?

A. They help to build and repair your tissues

B. They give you energy and fiber

C. They give you the most energy

D. They help prevent diseases

One of the following plants has two parts which can be eaten as food. This plant is:

A. wheat

B. maize

C. mustard

D. Bengal gram

What is the main reason for eating a wide variety of foods? 
A. to learn the food label
B. to provide all the nutrients you need 
C. to keep from getting bored with your diet 
D. to help improve physical fitness 

The part of a banana plant not used as food is

A. flower

B. fruit

C. stem

D. root

What are the main sources of food?

A. shopping mall

B. supermarket

C. restaurant

D. animal and plant

Which of the following is true about most fast foods? 
A. they are low in nutrient density 
B. they are high in fat and calories 
C. they are low in vitamins and minerals 
D. all of the above  

Why should you eat healthy food everyday?
A. It will give you energy.
B. It will make your eyes turn blue.
C. It will make your heart pump faster.
D. It will make you get A’s in school.

Our body prepares which type of Vitamin in the presence of sunlight?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin D

Which of the following is a protective food?





Rickets is caused by the deficiency of

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin D

C. Vitamin B

D. Vitamin C

Which of the following is NOT an ingredient for preparing Dal?

A. Pulses

B. Kerosene

C. Oil or Ghee

D. Salt

E. Spices

Given below are names of some animals:
(i) Goat
(ii) Human beings
(iii) Cockroach
(iv) Eagle

Which of the above animals form a pair of omnivores?

A. (i) and (ii)

B. (ii) and (iii)

C. (iii) and (iv)

D. (ii) and (iv)

Calcium, Sodium, and Iron are examples of ________?
A. Minerals
B. Vitamins
C. Fruits
D. Fiber

The ingredients reqired to prepare pumkin curry

A. pumkin

B. pumkin salt, oil, spices

C. pumkin, salt

D. pumkin ,oil

Humans are?

A. Carnivores

B. Herbivores

C. Omnivores

D. None of these

______________________ are rich in carbohydrates.

A. Eggs

B. banana

C. dals

D. apples

The substances found in foods that help us to play, grow and fight diseases are called ________________________

A. lunch

B. nutrients

C. breakfast

D. dinner


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