Medical Quiz

Integumentary System Medical Terminology Quiz


Which helps cool your body down?

A. Sweat glands

B. Hair

C. Nails

D. Skin

abnormal condition of skin fungus

A. mycosis

B. dermatomycosis

C. dermatopyosis

D. mycopathy


A. adenal

B. gland

C. organ

D. below


A. fire

B. heat

C. temperature

D. condition

tumor of the nails

A. onychoma

B. lipoma

C. trichoma

D. melanoma


A. gland

B. all

C. baldness

D. oil, sebum

What rises to the epidermis and becomes dead cells?

A. Hair

B. Skin cells

C. Nails

D. Sweat glands

abnormal condition of a hidden (ingrown) nail

A. onychocryptosis

B. onychomycosis

C. onychopathy

D. onychoptosis


A. nail

B. hair

C. below

D. tip

abnormal condition of hair caused by fungus

A. trichomyosis

B. trichopathy

C. trichomycosis

D. mycosis


A. hair

B. nail

C. shaft

D. red


A. cut into

B. fat

C. skin

D. gland


A. skin

B. fat

C. layers

D. flat

Which has a root and follicle at the end?

A. Sweat glands

B. Hair

C. Nails

D. Skin

The Integumentary System helps the body to regulate it’s __________________________.

A. strength

B. temperature

C. vitamins

D. hair growth

abnormal condition of the nails

A. onychosis

B. onychitis

C. onychoma

D. onychoplasty


A. black

B. cold

C. swelling

D. death


A. below

B. ship

C. skin

D. fat

incision of a nail

A. onychotomy

B. onychectomy

C. onychostomy

D. onychextomy

Where does our skin get the Vitamin D it produces?

A. Skin

B. Sunlight

C. Bones

D. Food


A. pigment

B. black

C. death

D. scaly

resembling fat

A. adipoid

B. adipose

C. adipotomy

D. adipal


A. oil, sebum

B. sweat

C. gland

D. drainage


A. cold

B. hot

C. heat

D. cool down

study of the skin

A. dermatology

B. cutaneology

C. dermatologist

D. pathologist


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