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Ankle, Foot, & LL - Injuries Quiz


Sever’s Disease is an apophysitis of which bone

A. calcaneus (achilles tendon)

B. navicular (posterior tib)

C. 1st metatarsal (anterior tib)

D. medial cuneiform (peroneus longus)

Where do stress fractures most commonly occur in the lower leg?

A. distal 1/3

B. proximal 1/3

C. middle of the bone

Which type of tendonitis is common in those who run downhill and feel pain in the anterior shin 

A. posterior tibialis tendonitis

B. peroneal tendonitis

C. anterior tibialis tendonitis

D. achilles tendonitis

Which metatarsal is most likley to be affected by a stress fracture?

A. 1st

B. 2nd

C. 3rd

D. 5th

A night splint to help stretch the calf musculature is a treatment option for which injury?

A. hallux valgus

B. morton’s neuroma

C. plantar fasciitis

D. achilles tendonitis

An athlete who has tight gastrocnemius muscles and often runs up hill is at a risk for developing which disorder?

A. achilles tendonitis

B. anterior tibialis tendonitis

C. posterior tibialis tendonitis

D. peroneal tendonitis

Which foot injury is caused by pressure and rubbing from a shoe 

A. metarsalgia

B. stress fracture

C. Sever’s Disease

D. Retrocalcaneal bursitis

Which ligament is most likely to NOT be involved in a lateral ankle sprain 

A. anterior talofibular ligament

B. tibocalcaneal ligament

C. calcaneofibular ligament

D. posterior talofibular ligament

Which type of tendonitis is a common overuse injury in runners with hypermobility or pronated feet?

A. peroneal tendonitis

B. anterior tibialis tendonitis

C. posterior tibialis tendonitis

Which injury invovles callus formation under the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals 

A. turf toe

B. tarsal tunnel syndrome

C. metatarsalgia

D. jones fracture

Which is NOT. a contributing factor of medial tibial stress syndrome 

A. weakness of leg muscles

B. overtraining

C. foot immobility

D. foot hypermobility

What is the most common nerve problem of the lower exteremity 

A. Morton’s neuroma

B. tarsal tunnel syndrome

C. severs disease

D. compartment syndrome

Which injury is common in dancers and women who wear pointed shoes?

A. hallux valgus

B. sever’s disease

C. turf toe

D. subungal hematoma

Which ligament is affected by an eversion ankle sprain 

A. anterior talofibular

B. deltoid

C. posterior talofibular

D. calcaneofibular

During an ankle dislocation, which bone becomes dislocated from the tibia and fibula?

A. calcaneus

B. talus

C. navicular

D. cuboid

Turf toe is caused by ________ of the great toe 

A. abduction

B. adduction

C. hyperflexion

D. hyperextension

What is the most common type of ankle fracture?

A. medial malleolus

B. calcaneus

C. talus

D. lateral malleolus

Which injury involves a fracture of the base of the 5th metatarsal?

A. Sever’s Disease

B. Hallux Valgus

C. Jones Fracture

D. Bennet’s Fracture

Which two motions are the most common mechanism of injury for a high ankle sprain

A. dorsiflexion and eversion

B. dorsiflexion and inversion

C. plantar flexion and eversion

D. plantar flexion and inversion

Which type of tendonitis occurs in individuals with pes cavus due to excessive weight placed on the lateral side of the foot 

A. anterior tibialis tendonitis

B. posterior tibialis tendonitis

C. peroneal tendonitis


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